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Anxiety=crushing headache/fatigue=more anxiety - any advice?

Hi I know I keep posting at the moment but finding things really hard. I have terrible anxiety about losing my job and not being able to work. This is giving me terrible headaches/feelings of exhaustion. As a result I sleep badly, feel rotten the next day and feel more anxious. I know I'm stuck in a viscious cycle at the moment. I'm trying mindfulness and had an Indian Head Massage yesterday but still can't sleep/relieve my worries. Any suggestions thoughts would be very welcome. I think mainly I just don't want to feel alone with all this. Thanks

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Hey there :)

You're never alone on here, one big happy family:))

It's good your doing mindfulness as I do this and swear by it.

Have you been to your gp and got some advice? If not, it might be an idea:)

Just a few things that I do;

I keep a journal... Write everything down that is bothering you.

Lavender spray..on my pillow

Night tea... Brand name is pukka and you can get it at morrisons

Websites/apps. calm.com

And headspace

Hope that helps x


Hi I really don't know what to say you sounds like you are putting yourself through hell, is there any likelihood you could loose your job or is it just your anxiety playing havoc with your mind. To get out of the vicious circle you will need to see your GP for help it may mean taking meds even if it is only to help you relax and get some sleep.


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Thanks for replies. Hell is right! I am on meds now but think they've stopped working. Loss of job is a very real possibility. As is loss of my girlfriend. I deal with loss very badly, and there feels like there is so much potential loss around for me at the moment that it is overwhelming.


I can sympathise with you Neil as I've been made redundant nine times!

The worst was two weeks after I got married and with a hefty mortgage round my neck - that was pretty frightening as no one I knew was in a position to help me out financially - but I got through it.

Just keep on and you'll get there.

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Hi Neil,don't worry about posting all the time,it is what this site is for,don't want to post,just look in.no use telling you to not worry but things will get better,I keep telling myself that.

I might be going to Glasgow tomorrow ,just be looking!

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You are definately not alone with your feelings of anxiety and work worries can be very stressful. The symptoms you have described definately sound like anxiety, have you been to see your gp for any help with your anxiety?

Everyone on here is really friendly so I'm sure you will get lots more advise

Jules x


Hi Neil

Post as many times as you like , you never need say sorry for that , this is what the site is here for !

Sounds like you mind is racing at 100 miles an hour with all these thoughts which increase our anxiety

You say you are on meds but feel they may not be working as well , I would go & see my GP you may need the dose increasing





hi Glasgow, have you actually lost your job ? or is it the thought of losing it? its an awful feeling losing your job, but it might never happen, if your on meds you can always go back to your doc , and explain your anxiety's, take care & keep posting.xx


Hi, thanks very very much for the replies. I'm going to see my GP again on Monday.


Sending you best wishes:)

Hope your appointment goes well. Xxx


Thanks. Have been using calm.com!


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