Anxiety headaches

Question for those suffering with medically diagnosed anxiety 

Does anyone here suffering with anxiety experience bad tension headaches and sharp pains in one section of there head which is also accompanied by dizziness on a daily basis?

I'm on amytriptyline at the moment and about to start 20mg today I have had all the scans and tests etc done just waiting on a neurologist next month and just interested to see if this is purely related to anxiety and not another health issue.

I know anxiety can trigger a range of different symptoms in many people just wanted to see if there was someone in the same boat as me 

Thanks guys 


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  • I get really bad headaches to, and i am constantly pretty sure its ur headaches can last for sucks big time

  • I get these kind of symptoms too.  I think it's stress related for me

  • I have constant head pressure and dizziness and am positive for Lyme disease.  Without a bullseye rash though, most doctors won't treat you.  If you have any other symptoms I would highly recommend being tested for Lyme and what are called co-infections (Babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma, ehrlichia) by a lab called Igenex.  You need a naturopath or LLMD (Lyme literate Doctor) to order the tests for you.  

  • Hi, I do suffer from anxity headache too, it feels like a tight band around my head. I've thought I've had every disease under the sun. It's sucks 

  • I feel exactly the same - the headaches that seem to last forever (a solid few days), being dizzy, light headed. I get anxiety/stress all the time. Does anyone else when THEIR like this take it out on the people around them? ie - the people that are dearest & the nearest to them? Shouting, being grumpy, snapping because they are stressed, anxious about what ever is bothering them, constant headache as well?!? Drinking loads of water doesn't seem to help with the headaches either. 

  • I've come close to taking out on my boyfriend, but I stop myself, because I realize that anxoety has made people lose their loved ones, and I just can't bare the thought of not having him with me.  So as shitty as it can get sometimes, even without his knowledge I just push myself to try and let go of those feelings.  But oh dear god I do hate the persistent headaches especially during class.

  • Yes, I'm  often dizzy and tight headed. I have been writing about it in my diaries for over 10 years now which proves to me that it's not a tumor or anything like that. I Sometimes have to squint my eyes as I'm randomly sensitive to bright lights and this is sometimes a trigger. Hang in there, your defiantly not alone with this. 

  • I get this exact same thing thing. I have weird vision constantly, dizziness and a dull headache almost all the time. Has the Amitriptline helped you at all? My doc is trying to get me to do that as well

  • It hasn't started to kick in yet I'm only a week into them and the dose is about to change but I've heard good things from them 

  • I have had it since 2014...painfree now. I think that its related to very bad sleep behaviour...I had it 24/7 for over 2 years....diagnosed with anxiety and stress disorder. Sleep is the key.  But I cant sleep!! My solution was to take a drug called Quetiapine...knock out pill for sure...It main use is not for sleep disorder but can be used as it because of this side effect. My doctor said dont read the side effects notes...I did anyway and OMG....I dont care this have helped me to overcome my headache and as a bonus this medicine creates a metabolit called N1 that makes you feel happier...Just my thoughts I still take my Sertralin and have changed my view on life...getting there....

  • Yes I get really bad headaches. They throb, and usually it's in the back of my head right above my neck or in my eyes. They also make me very dizzy, and I stay nauseous. I can't get the headaches to go away, even with medication. They seem to further fuel the fire with my anxiety too.

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