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* Update For Nausea At Night *

Hi again! So I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I've been doing much better. I saw my doctor last week and she told me great information. She told me to stop taking whatever pills that I've been using every night. Instead, she set me up with an over-the-counter Omeprazole, tums, and MiraLax. She said to take one Omeprazole in the morning and take two tums before I go to bed. My mother, or I, put MiraLax into my water bottle for whenever I want to drink it. Sometimes I even put it into the water for my lunches at school. The doctor said that my stomach had a lot of air in it. She said that it's a gas issue and that I need to cut back on the acids. I have recently began to drink chamomile tea with honey. I really really despise tea but if it's gonna help me then I'm willing to try it. The tea was okay. I have found that listening to the song Hallelujah(or any soft religious song) helps me fall asleep faster. It helps me calm down and focus on it instead of my stomach. As the music plays, I put my hands together (fingers intertwined) and move my thumbs in a slow, clockwise motion. I also try to make sure my thumbs do not touch as they move. It soothes me. It's a very smart thing to do because it lets your brain move focuses from one thing to another. Your brain can focus on your thumb motion as it moves. Your brain reminds yourself that your thumbs cannot touch, which tells yourself continuously not to touch them together, so you try real hard not to let that happen. It takes your focus from your stomach to your thumbs, tricking your brain into thinking that your thumbs in motion is far too important than your stomach feeling nauseous and icky. Lol i'm not an expert. I've just come up with it on my own. I started out by crossing fingers into a praying position and then I guess I got bored so I began twirling my thumbs. I've been trying really hard to not eat acid-infiltrated foods and drinks but sometimes it doesn't work. But overall I've been okay. I still can't be comfortable when I lie down and I also still sit up when I got to bed, but it's not much of a biggie to me. I will most likely and certainly update everyone who knows my issue soon. Thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate them sososo much. If anyone has any other questions and suggestions, then feel free to ask. My arms are yours. 

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Hi Nicole,  I'm so glad things are taking a turn for the better.  I like  your ideas for calming yourself down and getting your brain to think of something else.  We are our best advocate in the long run.  Continued success in feeling better.  x


I take my acid tabs at dinner time and I don't have the nausea at all anymore it's great and they work so I'm staying on them permanently. Just make sure you eat well and often :) 

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What are the acid tabs? I looked them up and the only ones that looked correct were Acid Dietary Supplement chewables


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