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Can anxiety cause daily shakiness, nausea and gagging?

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Since Monday ive woke up every morning gagging and feeling nausea. I can stop thinking about it and it calms down but as soon as I think about it again I gag.

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Yes...I gag every morning as soon as wake. And it's difficult to breathe.

So sorry to hear. Nice to know im not alone. I haven't actually thrown up but I feel so close :( and when it comes time to eat I gag also.

Yep...I am eating a piece of toast right now... It takes forever to get it down... Hard to swallow and trying not to gag. I drink lots of ice water.

Yep. I've been losing weight cause every time in around food I gag and feel sick. I'm forcing it though cause I don't want to dehydrate. Also drinking a lot of water

Hard boiled and scrambled eggs go down easy... I eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and lettuce sandwiches. Also, boiled potatoes. And peaches... And grapes.

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Do you ever feel like you can't breathe?

Sometimes. I feel like I cant get a full breath sometimes. Like I will hyperventilate maybe

I also have the sensation of not being able to breath at times. Sometimes I can't talk that much. Eating is an issue at times. I tend to feel like there's something in my throat and I have to clear it. I also become full quickly sometimes. It's ridiculous.

Yes nausea if one of my worst symptoms. It really triggers my anxiety. I always think something else is wrong. It is hard to believe how anxiety can make us feel.

Prayers and hugs sent your way.

Thank you so much! I'm feeling quite weak today probably from not being able to eat without gagging. Trying to get some grapes down though. Hope everyone is feeling ok today :)

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