So, my anxiety has been pretty non-existent lately. I had a trip that I was a little cautious about.. Florida. I was driving 800 miles and I hate driving through Houston traffic, but I did it! I drove all the way there and back and sat in a 3 hour traffic jam, bumper to bumper with concrete walls on both sides and didnt FLIP lol I just focused on the road in front of me and didnt entertain negative thoughts and walla! I've also decided to move to FL. I Love the water so much and its a beautiful state. I'm seriously so stoked and thankful to God! I hope y'all are all doing good and feel free to share what youre doing thats taking life outside of your comfort zone. This is also so big for me because I couldn't even drive 3 miles a few months ago. SO HAPPY!

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  • Good job! Show the brain who is the real boss! And Florida.... I LOVE FLORIDA. Can't wait to go back!

  • Thank you! Which part did you visit? My favorite part is, Tampa and the surrounding areas, but i'll be moving to PCB here soon, Lord willing.

  • I lived in Lakeland and then Jacksonville for a while. I loved Jacksonville better.

  • My mom lives in that area. When I went to visit my anxiety was ZERO. The beautiful water, sights, smells! Good for you! And kudos on the driving...my driving anxiety comes and goes and right now it's 👎🏻.

  • I love it! And I look forward to your driving anx getting better

  • Are u taking meds? I'm trying to get where u at.

  • I never liked the idea of taking meds because I didnt want to mask the problem. My psychologist confirmed that meds weren't a good idea. So I found my issue was negative thinking patterns, even though I thought my negative thinking was from my scary symptoms (because they came out of nowhere), it was really just everything coming to a head. I changed my diet based on my blood type, I changed my thought processes, I devoted my life to God and I did something every day that I was scared to death to do. I stopped letting fear write my story and started writing it myself.

  • I'm happy for u You're doing good. I need to change something about me. Thank you for sharing

  • It's definitely something that's made me evaluate everything about my life. I wish you the best!

  • Thank u same to u

  • Amen. I'm hoping to get my blood type this week so I can change my diet and I have been trying to get closer to God. Very inspiring! Thank You!

  • That is truly inspirational I truly wish you continued success.

    May I ask what you mean about changing your diet based on your blood type and where did you hear about it?

    Also any tips on changing your thought processes​?

    (I have debilitating panic attacks and anxiety disorder).

    My best wishes to you and your continued success.

  • Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's, "eat right for your type" for the blood diet and as far as positive thought patterns. I started saying, "today is going to be a great day" instead of, "I hope I don't have a panic attack, or I won't have a panic attack today" the last two give the negative thoughts power. But if I don't even mention it or think about it, I won't have it.

  • Stay strong and you will be rid of it. I had lost everything from this and couldn't function. If it weren't for my family, I would have been homeless.

  • Good Job! Keep up the good work

  • Hey rockster321, great news with your success. Good Luck with the move to Florida..

    Miracles do happen :)

  • Yes, they really do! Thank you, Agora!

  • Hey man, that is awesome!! So happy for you. Tampa? I have family in zephyrhills. I Cant wait to go back. Maybe even live there too someday. May our Heavenly Father bless and keep you ☺

  • Thank you! and next time you visit, please put the Hillsborough River State Park on your to-do list. Most beautiful place i've ever seen.

  • Well done babe 😘😘

  • rockster321, you are an inpiration!

  • Thanks Elizabeth! We're all in this together and the people on this site help so much.

  • Well done you kicked your anxietys but ! Keep it up and you will be able to do anything !hold on to that feeling and return to it when you need to ! David

  • Thank you David!!

  • I find you inspirational!

    You were able to beat panic with derealization without medication and self talk. That is amazing!

    I am going on 31 years of fighting this and I've been on medication for 20 years of it. I'm in such a crisis right now. How do you snap out of it.

    I know you don't over think but i need help. To snap out of the derealization.

    I am just so scared again

  • Amazing! I struggle driving and have done for a couple of years now,I do it but my anxiety creeps in. Well done you😊x

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