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Help me

Well had baby little boy , over moon had him in Jan X now not been well ever since really when was pregant had s muffled ear all time after started with sudden dizziness like was falling then funny vision then two week ago passed out with ringing in my ear n real bad dizziness couldn't walk for falling over and was so sick got put in aniti sickness n some antibiotics and some other tablets that you place under your gum you go on dissolve it's now week 3 and stil not better still fullness in ear so scared and cry all time I have also worried could be a bt help me pls any specialist doctors one here that would see me in my own town in bed most days and my family is falling apart 

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Congratulations on the birth of your Son :-)

I am sorry though you are feeling so unwell 

When we have a baby we can feel run down and takes months because our bodies have been through so much before we start feeling like ourselves again but sounds you could wither be suffering with an inner ear problem or maybe some kind of migraine or vertigo which again is related to the ear canal but I am not a Doctor and even if someone was a Doctor on here we cannot diagnose any health issues this would be against HU guidelines and only a Doctor that can actually come and examine you or refer you to ENT maybe to find what is happening and I would suggest you contact your Doctor , let them know things are not improving and you want to be referred , could your husband or partner maybe speak on your behalf with the Doctor if you are feeling to weak to do so ?

I do hope you get some help , I am sure with the right treatment this can be resolved 

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x   


Am a single mum and it's been so heard as hell I've had to keep my older kids off school to help me with baby and my 4 year old as no one will help not even my my sister and I know that I'm probably also suffering with some kind of a depression the doctor has given me some sertraline but I do not wish to take them yet as I'm not sure of the side-effects as I don't want to feel any more dizzy or of any more problems that I'm having at the moment I just wish this would all disappear


I am sorry to hear of your struggle 

Do you have anything like Health support workers ?

Is there any where where you can ask for help when you are struggling or where you could get Counselling or therapy 

See how you go , you could always try the meds and if they make you feel worse you can stop them , something to think about :-) x


That sounds like Ménière's disease  or vestibular migraine. There is often a lot of overlap between the two. Antibiotics probably wouldn't have helped. Serc ( betahistine) helped me in the short term , but it wasn't until I'd seen the ENT and then a neurologist at the York balance centre that I got a proper diagnosis. 

Good luck and congrats on the birth! 

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