I've found the answer to my dizziness and awful anxiety and you're going to be shocked when I tell you

If you read my last post you will see what I've been suffering with.

To cut a year long story (probably longer) of dizziness and anxiety very short, in a final act of desperation, I googled 'DIZZINESS THROUGH SCROLLING ON IPHONE.'

And there lay the answer. Apple even have a link dedicated to 'motion sickness.' Some articles call it 'Cyber sickness.'

Scrolling fast and staring at my screen has caused my dizziness. To try to find out what was causing my dizziness I spent a year glued to my phone. More symptoms arrived. More googling. Causing my balance to actually 'go off.' Anxiety is related to inner ear and emotions. Anxiety caused me hyperventilation syndrome. More googling. More symptons. More doctors appointment. Depression . Anxiety. More googling. More dizziness.

I did a test. I stopped using my phone for a week. Guess what, 50% reduction in ALL SYMPTOMS! Including anxiety and dizziness and insomnia. I'm still on the path to recovery. Using phone less and less. It's going to take time and I see a therapist for dizziness and breathing. I have spent years doing this awful scrolling so it won't be fixed over night.

I believe if you limit your time on the phone and computer you will see a significant improvement like I am. It's been hell. But I was relentless in my search for answers and the answer lay in the very thing I was doing most - using my phone and scrolling way way way too fast.

I hope this helps one of you or all of you. I've spent hundreds or pounds and years of upset with bad health and became obsessed. I would not wish this on anyone.

Good luck.


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  • This supports my suspicion that anxiety is triggered by a physical dysfunction or assault. Thank you for exploring this path and sharing.

  • You are right!

  • Ditto! Anxiety is the result of a physical ignition point. Research, research, research, can't say this enough.

  • It's been a real eye opener and an emotional rollercoaster but I feel it's a turning point for me and many to focus on! Good luck to you!

  • That is very interesting! When I first got anxiety I didnt have any head symptoms (light headed/dizzy/vision etc) mine started with shortness of breath body aches and feeling heavy. But I was obsessively googling symptoms, reading forums all on my phone the writing is really tiny and I started getting vision issues and head issues about 4 months in I have never been on my phone as much as I have over the last 2 years I will need to do a little experiment and see if it makes a difference using my phone less.

    Thank you for that and I'm glad you are feeling improvement.

  • Thank you. And it's interesting to read your story too!! I bet you find a link.

    It's now the task to start unpicking the damage done. It's going to take us some time you know - over a year of googling is a long long time to be scrolling fast and reading lots on these phones. I've had a set back over the weekend due to a cold. I can only guess it's related to fluid (ear, nose, throat are connected). I'm currently dizzy so I hope the cold will go and I will be back to seeing improvement again.

    I wish you luck. Keep me updated. Breathlessness is one of my symptoms. Mouth breathing/hyperventilating from talking and being anxious.

  • Omg thank you for posting this I have all ur symptoms and I to spend hours scrolling on my phone googling trying to find answers for my anxiety. it's so scary and sometimes it becomes too much where it takes over leaves me feeling so dizzy and awfuk. Ive two kids so i do my best to ignore all these horrible but scary symptoms, most days I keep doing deep breathing exercises and try get on with it. I will try my best to get off the phone and see does it help. wishing u the best xx

  • I have a baby and an older daughter too! It's robbed me of many happy moments because I've felt so poorly. Literally, I have stopped using my phone about 80% and it improved within days. I am currently dizzy because I mopped my floor and did too much too fast with the mop, backwards and forwards and it made my eyes go strange again. So it's a set back but basically, it should improve again in time. Last week I was doing so well, I did two yoga classes and a gym session. Unthinkable a few weeks ago. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you its so nice to hear I'm not the only person suffering it's so hard and I find even people with certain pattern on their tops make my dizziness start. I hope with all ur research it will help us out. I too stopped taking my kids out to even the park because I was petrified I'd drop dead and they would be alone. I hate my health anxiety but I am so grateful to everyone on this site. thank you again, nicola x

  • Thank you so much! It's good to know it's possible to overcome this. I live in a home surrounded by technology. I know I spend far too much time on it. I have found rediscovered love in reading and walks. I hope you continue to make progress. Thank you for sharing.

  • Honestly I think you are so on point! When I stay off of my phone for long periods of time I feel TONS better and I also don't get as nauseous and just racing thoughts. I need to start doing that more too ! Thank you for that!

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