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I am so confused. I just want to cry all the time but I can't. My friends and teachers at school all think I'm always happy and smart. A few months ago I have started to get pains in my knee and leg as well as sudden dizzy mess. The pain in my knee and leg has gone away but the dizziness has become more often and I get pressure behind my eyes and head. My chest has also been hurting but it comes and goes. My ribs and the left side of my hip has been hurting on and off. Could it be stress or anxiety?

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Have you told anyone how you having been feeling.? You NEED to tell someone, Your Mom, Dad, or someone that would understand and help you! Someone you trust.




Hi, I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way. I've also been getting some of the symptoms you have stated. Like I start to get pains in my chest when I'm stressed out or im about to have a panic attack. I also get blurry vision or dizzy, and my eyes start to hurt a little(could be electronics) and my ribs and abdomen hurt to, sometimes on the right side and sometimes on the left side. But tell someone, that you're comfortable talking with, about what's going on. Maybe they can help you. But if you need someone to chat with, I'm here.


I feel like I can relate so well. I'm also in school, I'm actually leaving this year. (Yay or not, idk yet) but I find that I get knee pain/discomfort and really bad hip pain and headaches, basically everything you said although not so much dizziness. I went to the doctor about the knee pain and she said it was just a teenage girl thing so it could be the same (if you're a girl). I also find I get a sensation of something over my chest but I've been told it could just be a pulled chest muscle if you're tensing up all the time. However like the other comments, I would go to a doctor I'm not sure. I just replied because I felt I could understand the things you feel :/.

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Also on the back of what I said there, I feel really irritable and upset a lot so I'm not sure what to do about that and like you everyone thinks I'm smart and happy and getting on fine, I don't know :/


I have the same exact problem, Dr says anxiety, I'm still not convinced 


Hello im responding to your post it's definitely stress i get that to I've had anxiety since i was 12 anxiety and stress causes a lot of problem's like chest pains dizziness vision problems hair loss joint pain Hart burn what you need to do is learn how to breathe this is how you do it breath in though you're nose and out though you're mouth & when you're systems start do your deep breathing & close your eyes and think of something that makes you relaxed like sitting at the beach or a waterfall if that doesn't work buy the sound machine it has all kinds of relaxing sounds good luck i hope that helps if you need to talk im here 


First you should tell your mom and or dad and ask for a doctor.

Need to rule out physical conditions. Your could have sinus infection , dizziness can be from inner ear infection .

See your doc, get a physical. 


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