hi im 25 and i feel like i am dying every single day. I get chest pains/tightness feel like my heart flutters Leg pains. ARM pains head pains back pains tingles in legs . Rib pains. Stomach pains sometimes wake in middle of the Night cos of the pains in chest. I Have been to hospital and they Have done ecg and blood tests checked my eyes soñé thyroid and urine test and All came back clear but i am convinced theres something else wrong. Doctor said anxiety because i had a panic attack and since thén had All these pains. Surely anxiety Cant do All This to you. Its driving me crazy :(


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  • Hi zoe I'm sorry to hear your having such a rough time but anxiety can cause all the symptoms you've listed and although there is no magic pill to make it stop recognizing that it is anxiety is the first step in gaining control and hopefully you and your doctor can start treating your anxiety . I find this site helps a lot in putting your symptoms into perspective by mainly showing that you are not alone and there are others out there who understand and support you . Hope you feel better soon Zoe and write your feelings and fears here as often as you like as sometimes just putting it out of your head and onto paper can help calm you down.

  • Yes, anxiety CAN do all of this!

    What else did the doctor say? Did she/he prescribe anything? If so have you started the medication yet?

  • I THOUGHT THEY WERE LIARS TOO! AND SUFFERED 10 EXTRA YEARS! Yes, anxiety can do it ALL. Give in and see a shrink! They can fix you all up! 99% IS anxiety and they won't fix the other 1% until you get the anxiety under control. TRUST ME, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

  • whats a shrink?

  • I am also 25 and I am experiencing very similar symptoms, again I have had all the same checks and everything has come back totally fine. It's so debilitating and I'm worried I'm going to lost my job because of it. Doctor doesn't seem to be overly interested, and I know that the waiting lists for counselling in my area are incredibly long. It's hard to trust them when they say you are ok because the physical symptoms from anxiety are so crippling!!

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