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Fear is really getting at me, afraid i will die and no one will be there to help out my kids. Should I tell the doctor?

Hi guys I have a some HA going on pretty bad thinking of DVT in leg. What do you think?

For almost a year I have had a problem with my left leg. It started off on the knee I couldn't kneel without a sharp pain running through it. When not kneeling it would not hurt but I would feel tightness all around the knee. Told the doctor he brushed me off.

Then came the pain behind the knee which caused my thigh to feel like it's cramping up and I started experiencing muscle spasms all over the leg a doctor saw me for this and he brought in a second doctor to get her opinion they said it was mucsle.

Now I can't bend my leg cause it hurts and the back of my thigh I and having this painful needle jab and spasm. What could it be they brush me off saying it's just muscle but I take meds they prescribe and it does not help warm compression or hot bath does not help. Should I find someone who is willing to put my mind at ease?

I also feel at times like my knee is cold like there is a cold cloth on my knee and it's dripping down the leg. When pregnNt with my like one the doctor told me the baby was in a awkward position and he was compressing my nerves which could have caused long term damge and also like right know I get chills down that leg on buttocks only.

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Also get shortness of breath when the pain hits don't know if it's just my fear.


Hi, I totally understand your fear of dying. I have the same fear.

Although I do have pains in my right leg where it feels really uncomfortable and nothing seems to ease it. I went to the dr's who said I needed physio. So off I went, it turns out I am not using the right muscles in my right buttock!!!! If I poke it in a certain place it gives me so much pain. I was given exercises to do and so when it gets sore again I do my exercises and it goes away.

Take care x


Thank you for answering. Sometimes I think maybe it is cause I am stepping wrong but then I feel my leg pulsing or the shortness of breath and I freak out say its the real deal for having a dvt during the night I couldn't sleep anymovent my leg would hurt. :( I'll see what the doctor has to say about physio thanks again for your time.



I suffer with HA & we mostly seem to focus in on one fear mostly either are hearts , BT or in your case DVT

Something seems to start of this fear & then it escalates until we cant stop

My Mum died of DVT she didn't have any of the symptoms you describe , in fact she didn't even no she had it !

After loosing her even though this wasn't my fear I did panic & think what if that happens to me

I went to see my GP & there is a blood test they can do that tells you if you could be prone to having the type of blood that could clot causing thrombosis , I had this done & mine came back normal , which did give me some peace of mind

Do you think if you put it to your GP they may let you have the blood test done as it might help to put your mind at rest

It seems like your GP has allowed a second opinion to make sure what is the cause of your pain & I am sure it would be very unusual for two GP'S to make a mistake & what they have described when you were pregnant & baby lying on a nerve can happen & leave damage after that can be on going

But if you are still in pain & the meds are not working you do need to go & ask what more they can do to help

Maybe they could send you to see a specialist who could do more for you as a year suffering from a trapped nerve even though its not life threatening is very painful to cope with & wont be helping your anxiety

Let us no how you go on





Thank you for answering. I'm sorry about your mom. You are in a good doctors hands if they are willing to calm your fears and you checked out fine.

I know that dvts can have no symptoms to having a whole array of them. And here's the thing I was wAsking dishes when I realized I locked my knee and we putting a ton of pressure on my leg when I realized I guess my body tensed and I felt this intense lightning pain in my inner thigh groin area so I decided to take a warm shower well it didn't help and since the any movement my whole leg and bottom hurt and I feel like anything I do leaves me short of breath. My leg is not swollen just this odd pain that travels throughout the leg.

Doctors don't take me seriously and won't allow testing not even to ease my mind and anxiety. I live in the states and I have private insurance so my though is they should at least try to calm me with all the nonsense that's going on with insurance policies at the end we pay more out of pocket then before we should get our money's worth right? Pain the whole night and I am going crazy thinking what I should do I have an appointment tomorrow at 9 am should I wait till then or go to the hospital and do something about it now?



Sorry about the late reply

I didn't realize you lived in the United Sates & you dont have the NHS like in Britain

It sounds like nerve & muscle problems but I am not a doctor & I am pleased you have an appointment tomorrow

If you feel you cannot wait till then as its so painful then I would go to the hospital

Let us know how you get on :-)



Hi whywhy,

Well the doctor sent me for an X-ray of the knee depending on what that says he says he's not sure the shortness of breath can be from a virus(cold/flu) in my body thAt will show up "soon". He is puzzled I guess I sound crazy. Results should b in by tomorrow or Monday

Wish me luck that it's not something serious.

<3 yaz



I have only just got my notifications coming through there has been some technical problems , looks like they may be fixed now , so sorry for the late reply

Good luck & let us no how you go on :-)



Thank you again for your thoughts and I will update to see what happens at the doctors. Shortness of breath with whatever I do be it talking or doing something as picking up a toy. And my heart rate has been fast and hard I can feel it throughout my whole body.

It's really scarying me to death is my mind or is there really something going on in my body I haven't felt anything like this before.


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