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I haven't been on this site for very long but ive learnt a few things just by reading others blogs.

I am having a right leg below knee amputation this Thursday in Oxford. I'm fine about it but really worrying about how my wife will deal with it.

I'm having the op in Oxford so if anyone's near and fancies a chat drop me a message and i``ll give you the details.


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hey Macbiker.

You will find your wife will cope extremely well with it all. My kids Auntie has had her leg amputated years ago, due to her having a rare skin disease. Everyone coped well. Just let you're wife know how you are feeling afterwards. Good luck with the operation. xx


Hi mac

There's usually many here to chat with either by blog, question or private message.

Thats a big deal, getting your leg amputated, I was reading some of your past stuff, about anger, and PTSD, have you had any EMDR therapy for it?

I'm sure your wife is much more concerned about your well being at the moment, so try not to worry about that. You have enough on your plate as it is.

Wishing you well




Hi Mac, as you know some great people on this site to chat to...

I wish you well and look forward to hearing how you are..

With all good wishes to you

Sue xxxx


Wishing you all the best

I am sure your wife will cope , her main concern will be you

Take Care





Thanks for the lovely messages.

Have tried EMDR. therapy. It worked once but because my brain is always going like the clappers i couldn't get in the zone again.


Hi mac,

There's a good place to start then, the calming of your brain,

I found EMDR very good, it freed up a lot of stuff that was blocking me from getting better, the anger can be a problem, I felt it so sharply, I realised it did more harm to me even before it hurt the other person. and I felt so disgusted with myself, hurting a loved one, I never did it again, I've learnt some skills in meditation that can help too.




Hi Macbiker,

So sorry you have to go through this ordeal after what you have been through.

I, would think, being a woman, she will cope and help you.

Good luck , will be thinking of you. Eunice xx


Hi Mac,

Just would like to say Good Luck with the operation and hope everything goes well.

I am sure your wife will cope her main concern will be you.

God Bless You

Love Seyi xxx


Hi Mac,

All the very best for your op. I expect your wife is worried about how you will all cope with the changes, that's what we wives do!! I was told not to wrap my husband in cotton wool and I am sure that's how your wife is feeling. Stay in touch and all the very best. xx


I wish you well x


Really nice replies. It is nice to know that people actually care and spend time to read blogs and to help.

I'm very grateful and if anyone is bored and near oxford.....i like red grapes not green lol


That`s a terrible thing to have to face, are the doctors giving you no alternative to amputation? I know that some doctors will amputate for an ingrowing toenail in this country!


I've had 9 previous ops hairyfairy, New ligaments, micro-fracture and debridements. None of these have lessened the pain or given me any more mobility. Mentally its been a night mare. Going from playing football, rugby cricket 3 times a week to doing nothing and hating myself is easy to do.

apparently i have PTSD,depression and GAD.

Being a bloke the thought of myself being"rubbish and weak" has led to some very dark times indeed.

I'm looking forward to the rehab and am taking it as a challenge. Hopefully if body gets better the mind will follow.

Thats the plan anyway lol.


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