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Chest pain, always having a fear of dying

Hey guys, I'm new to this. I don't know if anyone has the same symptoms like I do. I always have chest pain and left arm pain I don't know if it's from muscle pain it's very scary and I'm always thinking I'm going to have a heart attack for some reason and none in my family has or died from heart problems. Believe me I love to eat I'm Italian. But these thoughts are driving me crazy I can't take it anymore. I don't want to die I have a little girl to look out for and she needs me! But please tell me if anyone feels the same stuff thank you!

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Def something to have cleared by a Doctor. But I've had this before. Common symptom of anx, but also common of something worse, so, have it checked, you'll be glad you did.


Hey thanks for the reply about a month ago I had a cardiologist check me out. He did a sono gram and then the next day a regular stress test and blood test all was clear. So I dunno why I keep feeling like this it's been two years I feel like this. I keep going to doctors and they don't find anything. I don't know what's the next step of getting rid of this fear


Oh okay good. Then you're all set! The next step in getting rid of this fear is to change the thoughts you have about this symptom. If I get a bad symptom, I usually figure that doing something like running or lifting weights will exacerbate it, so I do just that. It's the last thing you'll feel like doing, but when you do, you see there's nothing to worry about.

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Well I'm overweight also, so I need to get back into working out. It's weird I always have shortness of breathe do you get that also? Right now it's damp out here in NYC and when it's always like this I can't breathe and scares me. My mind tells me I have something clogged


When I fear having shortness of breath, I get shortness of breath. When I first experienced this, I couldn't even eat because I was getting out of breath just from chewing, but in reality, I was taking something so normal as breathing and concentrating on every inhale and exhale, so it threw my o2/co2 ratios off and that triggers your shortness of breath reflex.

It could also be from being overweight though. I suggest starting out with walking a mile a day for a month and then up it from there. Increase the pace, or increase the distance. Your body will improve drastically.

I totally know where you're coming from though, no judging here. In my height of anx I was pretty bad off .


Yea I definitely gotta get back into working out I'm 6'1 270 lbs I mean you don't see it but I need to get out and walk. The weight doesn't help either. Hopefully I could get rid of these symptoms soon. It's very scary. Also if you don't mind do you have a good diet plan you can recommend? You could PM me thank you so much for your help


Without stepping out of my bounds of practice. A general rule of thumb. (There are margins of error) weightx15=ave daily cals needed to maintain current body weight. To keep the body from going into starvation mode and to keep you in an optimum fat burning zone, subtract 300-500 from that number and that's your daily allowance of calories. You will lose about one pound of bodyfat/ week like this. It's not the fastest, but it's consistent and the healthiest. I have all of my clients do this and every one of them that adhere to the above hit goal. Download a calorie counting app like, lose it, or MyFitnessPal.

3550 is what that number would be. This is general and I'm not telling you to do this.

If that's more than you'd like to do, just cut out all sweets, cokes and bad habits. That will work wonders, especially with a health and exercise plan.


Hi Vitonyc, how are you doing today? Looking at the positive facts is that you are not genetically predisposed to heart problems since your family is clear of that. Your cardiologist did a workup on you a month ago which included a stress test and would have picked up some abnormality if there was a problem. Did he say at the time what might be causing chest and arm pain? A lot of pains are muscular caused especially having experienced this for 2 years.

What prompted these thoughts of heart attack? Did you lose a friend or co-worker? Finding out the root of this obsessed thought is important so that you can address the fear. Working out, losing weight is an option but unless you clear your mind of those thoughts, it may not help.

I'm glad you found this forum, I think you will get a lot of support and understanding in that you are not alone with this feeling. As you hear of the journey others have been on, you may be willing to share more of yours. There's always a reason we begin to feel physical pain due to emotional pain. Take care Vitonyc, one step at a time.


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