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Adrenalin rushes after exercising

Does anyone get really bad adrenalin rushes after excercising? I wind myself up, thinking if I push myself with excercise I will have a heart attack. My heart rate takes ages to come down and I think about it all the time. The adrenalin is awful after excercise I can't sleep, wake up sweating and get exhausted.please help, I'm trying to make myself fitter but this happens all the time. I've had loads of ECGs done but most are normal. 

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Something about that adrenaline reaction does not seem "right". Normally you would not have that kind of reaction. Do you remember when you first had this reaction? There sounds like there is some sort of anxiety trigger connected to exercise. I recommend taking a  break from exercise (or at least the way you have been doing it) to take the pressure off yourself. In life, the key to "fitness" is also your emotional health. Give yourself a break! You may find in a quiet time what was causing the adrenaline problem.

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I am really worried there is an underlying health problem, I was diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue) years ago and I'm either extremely anxious or so tired I can't function properly so the days I am on my bike it affects me but I'm desperate to get fitter but just don't have the energy. My vision is like an off channel tv most of the time, I am sensitive to light and sound light headed and get irritated really easily. I am so sick of living like this I have suffered for 18 years and don't know how much longer I can go on. I have been to so many different doctors and had lots of ecgs, blood tests, heart scans etc..I think there is something else under lying I am so tired of being like this.


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