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I'm having awful anxiety, racing heart, dizzy, my muscles are all locked up and my derealisation is so bad i'm afraid i'm developing schizophrenia or something! just started some new meds. It just feels like a giant unstoppable adrenaline rush. And I have this horrible feeling of doom like something awful is going to happen, and everything around me looks/seems scary. I just want to curl under a blanket, turn off all the lights and wait for it to be over. :c

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It must be the new meds do you have a benzo to help you get through the adjustment period? I do hope you feel better. Here is a recent post I came across about a DP/DR success story maybe it will give you a lift and some hope -

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Yeah, I'm thinking it's the new meds too. I have Xanax. It doesn't help too much though.. thank you for the article I will read it right away!


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