Life changing

Life changing


Where do i begin? I have been Doing amazingly well. Seeing MD. And my therapist who have been very Helpful and now i can say Anxiety is No longer a Huge issue in my life! Ive been controlling them and been living my life HAPPILY. when i do get an attack i handle them very well. No longer have trouble sleeping i no longer wake up with a racing heart my mind doesnt eve. Focus on that anymore. I enjoy my days like their my last and i Love it. My kids see me more happier then before and they enjoy me more. Iam always keeping myself busy my husband sees Huge improvement iam No longer being Lazy i Cook more i Clean more and iam so Proud of myself. The new me has No more Bags under her eyes and Has Fuller cheeks and a Happy Glow. All of this Without medication! Iam Very proud of my new life i can enjoy it again and have a happy future. My mind is not dreadful anymore. I believe in all the supporters ive had since day 1 i know you can do it too!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Xoxo Paulette


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  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you!!

  • I love this and you are absolutely beautiful!!! You have a bright future ahead, we create our own realities!! Only thing I want to say is, enjoy yourself as tho you have allllll the time in the world because you do. "Everyday like it is the last" is a negative perspective, I was taught in a seminar a couple weeks ago, so wanted to share that with you. Keep it up babe I'm so happy for you!!! Keep posting your progress!! We wanna see more!! We feed off of this kind of stuff! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • I can't wait to feel like that I hit a bump in the road this past month and this week my body is on full alert been at Drs as any illness is easier to deal with other than anxiety topped with surgical menopause in failing miserably this week ;-) light at end of tunnel would be good x

  • You will get there in time. Dont Give your self a hard time. Just keep your mind at ease Lots of meditation helps me.

  • I'm in middle of either full blown panic attack or really going to pass out - very dizzy and don't feel good typing to distract myself while I decide whether to go to a&e.nim shaking and can't calm down either husband asleep beside after a few drinks out and kids sleeping . Totally freaking out ;-( 

  • Carri, if you can, stay on the forum in hopes that you can hear from the others.  As you are sitting, typing, start the deep breathing.  Even if you can just blow out slowly it will help.  Drink some water to hydrate yourself, sometimes that is what you need and can cause you to feel dizzy.  x


  • Just take some deep breaths in through your nose and slowly let out through your mind. Keep telling yourself it's just a panic attack and everything is fine. Pray to God and talk to him, he'll  help you through it. I hope you get to feeling better.

  • I meant mouth not mind, sorry.

  • Thank you so much last night for your support . I was really scared as I haven't had an attack like that in two years though if I'm honest it's been building now looking back

    I really appreciate you and agora taking time to help me through the attack ! 

  • Carri, you have 2 of us already supporting you.  Let us know when it starts to pass.  You can do this...

  • Carri, how are you doing.  I was just reading over your other posts and you say  you had surgical procedure recently?  Did  you have any follow up on that?  If not better maybe you should call your doctor and let him know.  Keep us posted please.

  • Hi starting to come out other side don't know what's going on . I have came down stair out tv on to distract & drink water .

    Thanks guys surgery was 5minths ago  it's was an oopherectomy due being brca2 positive which I got tested for after mums cancer diagnosis. I haven't went on hrt as its scares me .

    I also had an upper molar removed two days ago and also dr has refugees me to ultrasound for swollen nose in neck - health anxiety meltdown .

    Evrytime I tried to lie down upstairs I was dizzy & panicked thinking I was a going to die . 

    I was so into of this and the slightest thing has sent it spiralling 

    My whole left did is weak and shaky feel exhausted but can't sleep 

    Can't thank you all enough I really got freaked out there 

  • Carri, you certainly had a lot going on recently.  It all makes more sense now with just having had an extraction 2 days ago.    You exhausted yourself from worry.  The sleep will come soon. Wishing a peaceful night and a better day tomorrow.  Take care dear.  x

  • I just want to say a huge thank you for your support last night ;-) it really helped !

  • Thanks Hun 💕💕

  • Hi whereishope I just wanted to apologise for jumping in on your feed as I totally spiralled last night .

    I just want to praise  you for your strength And work to recoveryhope to be there again ! Well done and sorry again x

  • Oh no it Okay no need to apologize. Iam glad the ladies gave you advice and comfort. I know how it is to have the need to reach out to those who Only understand what your goin g thru. Your okay with me :)

  • Amazing news!! So happy for your and your family. I've also have overcomed anxiety attacks. It felt like an alien had taken over me. I'll keep praying and sending you love, strength and energy to keep going! Xoxox

  • Same to you!! Thanks ❤

  • Congratulations.   Your eyes say it all....  Happy for your family as well.

    Best wishes for continued success.   YOU DID IT!     xx

  • Thank you so much !!!

  • Well Done!!!

    This Panic/Anxiety monster does not have to keep us down!!

    My main thing was AFIB (atrial fibbrillation), I actually am on the AFIB group, but I developed a panic disorder a long time ago. I thought I was going to die, but here I am 20 plus years on and going strong.

    You can read some of my stuff at:

    My blog is

    Glad to meet another surviour!

  • Thank youuu

  • I love this positivity! :) Well done and keep your posts coming, we all need positive vibes :). 

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  • Thanks! I will keep em coming 💕

  • Brilliant hun! 😊 👍 glad you're overcoming this awful illness!  You look very happy on you're pic and you deserve to be! 🙌👌 xxx

  • Thanks Love!!! Hard work and Determination also Mind changing. Took some time but iam getting there

  • Excellent hun I knew you could do It!  😀 xx

  • Pleased for you how did you do it?

  • It wasnt easy i have severe panic disorder for 8 years now and i had to do something. I just changed my ways of thinking negative. Iam reaching out to God more. Changing my life style and just being HAPPY. happiness is the true key to overcoming anxiety. Never be sad or fearful. 

  • This is wonderful. Now if you ever have a set back just rember this great period you are going through it will remind you that it's possible to get out the other side and prove that it all is anxiety and not something else. Wishing that this will continue for you xxx

  • Thats amazing!!! Enjoy life thats what its meant for... Very inspiring congragulations!!!!

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