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Anxiety & pms advice


I know there's a bunch of posts regarding this , but I wanted to ask maybe a question or a few , tops. Anyways, one way I know my period is gonna show up at my doorstep lol, I get nervous & have more panic attacks . Sometimes I find I hyperventilate, too. It's stressful & I wanted to know some tips from you ladies with pms , how do you all get thru the PMS phase ? Are there things you could eat or drink, to alleviate stresses ? I know to ease the hyperventilating, do calming techniques yeah ladies ..share any tips or advice you have 🙊😊 ( by the way , I mainly brought it up because I'm PMS'ing ..& wanted the advice too lol ) 

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Hi I take my vitamins faithfully B vitamins and multivitamins  I find this alleviates my PMS with Anxietysymproms.  Also even though you want to eat everything in sight when your in PMS a Don't Give in! Eat healthy lean meats, turkey, chicken , fish not too many carbs water and rest as much as possible around this time.  


Hi thanks ! I gotta try getting vitamins again. But the eating I have an issue with I'll try to cut out the bread & sweets . 🙈 Oh & relaxing ugh I find it's a struggle because of school & work , I'm like a busy bee. So I'll try to incorporate some relaxing into my scheduled during my break for sure. I know it'll be useful . Thanks 😊😊


I do notice increased pain all over, shortness of breath, and palpitations that cause anxiety.  It's getting worse as I get older.

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I notice pretty much EVERYthing about my period if getting worse as I get older! So annoying. It's as if my body is saying "I'm going to make you really notice these so you stop holding out and have kids already!".


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