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Well....I'm alright ...& all. I was curious why do we get all this tension in the back of our heads or around the base of the neck .. I was laughing with this new guy I'm seeing 😍 anyways , we're laughing & then I feel a spot on the back of my head ache, it was beyond tense , too. I had to quit laughing & look like Kanye W. It was embarrassing because we were both on FaceTime . Anyways ........I , of course, got anxious. I haven't looked up a thing but I'm still anxious. I hate the way PMS makes my anxiety like sh**.. Like I want a hug & to punch someone at the same time .i hate this . Like now, I'm not that tense back there , but it's still sore .any advice ?


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  • Hot baths,strong painkillers,nice slow long swim breastroke,heat rub,ibrubrufen, and always sleep hot water in pillow case on neck .do neck stretches..ive always suffered.if u can afford it get good oestepath who does neck manipulation.woww thats amazing.

  • It's just nervous tension, I used to get it when I met new people x it was like my head locked into place and pain in the back of my head, which stopped me carrying on felt a right Muppet. Xx Mandy 😁

  • Lol you made me laugh with the Kanye west comment. Tension in those areas is normal think about when you watch a scary movie or if a ball is flying towards you, you tense up and lift you shoulders to your ears, someone with anxiety does this all the time even without realizing it so that is why we get sore shoulders/neck/back of the head/head pain. Try tensing and lifting your shoulders now and you will feel it. I too go whacky before my period and my anxiety sky rockets, stupid hormones!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Also try to get a massage they really do help.

  • I miss getting massages . I totally will now! Lol

  • Yes!! Well ,that guy I mentioned in the post lol ..he was nice enough to give me a massage & said I was really tense back there :/ & I hate PMS lol totally agree. Thanks 💞💞 definitely in a better mood nowadays ..

  • I think it's because without actually being aware that you're doing it, your stress in your body makes your posture pretty bad and your shoulders sort of hunch up and that after a while, it gives you that aching around the back of the neck and shoulder area. That's my thinking ! ? ! ?

  • I think that's exactly right. My posture sucks , especially when I'm stressed out. I also have to get a better bed for myself

  • I have a big problem also with the back of my neck. I tend to push my head forward whenever I get anxious which over the years has made the muscles constantly in contraction. What I do is take a towel out of the dryer and place it over my shoulders and neck. I immediately can feel my body sink into relaxation.

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