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Anxiety & burping habit



I have this issue off & on used to be daily. I have this burping habit where it's like I create little burps & it's an anxious habit , I know . It gets in the way & I'm so desperate to quit . It's like I have to do it but I know I don't. I want to find a way to quit. & on top of this , I have acid reflux / or GERD..not sure which....or maybe my burping habit stems from that . I don't know . Oh & I also have this phobia of going back to how I usually breathe , which through the nose fully & it's like I'm breathing mostly through my mouth then somewhat my nose. All of that goes away when I talk or sleep or eat ..or when intimate lol . But yeah other than that , the mouth breathing , over-breathing, & burping habit are annoying & frustrating. I feel alone in this ..but I wanted to share my habits. If anyone could relate, any tips on how you overcame it? I'm going to tlk to my counselor this wk about it.

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Hi, following your post as am currently experiencing the same burping problem as you with a feeling of a lump in the throat. It comes & goes too..hope you get more replies!


Sounds like the 'coping mechanism' you used for one issue has become an issue itself. You say that when distracted the breathing problem goes away. Its only when you focus on it that it is there. This is typical of behaviours caused by anxiety disorder. What you thought was helping you is in fact adding to your distress. But what you have described is a learned behaviour and, therefore, can be 'unlearned'. If you have a therapist, that is the best person to talk with as that person knows your exact situation and how best to help. If you are having something like acid reflux then I assume that your doctor is dealing with that side. I wish you well.

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Thank you!! I agree totally. I'm going to talk to my therapist . But I'm thankful for moments where I dnt burp as much or even at all & like you're saying ...this "learned" habit can be "unlearned" & I can be free from burping , when it isn't needed lol

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excellent my friend :-)

hey! I also suffer from anxiety. I had the same thing (the burping). I was forcing burps as a habit. It lasted a few months and eventually went away. This caused me to get really bad acid reflux. It will pass in time. Also, try taking an over the counter acid controller.

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