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Nausea At Night

[UPDATE: I figured out what the name of my sickness is--Thank you @Agora1]

If you have not seen my first post please go visit that now to have a full understanding of what I am mentioning in this post.

So every night I basically cannot sleep. I always feel the need to sit up against my headboard. I feel a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I can only fall asleep sitting up. My worst night had happened this past Saturday(3/26/16). I've had as bad of a night like this(the start of it all) but it wasn't as bad. My only treatment was walking around and breathing constantly. It was so bad that I had to wake my parents(yes I am still in school) and my mother helped me and sat in my bedroom with me. I had later taken pills to sooth myself(Pepto Bismol). My symptoms were: Dizziness and nausea feeling in the stomach. I may have more symptoms that I cannot think of, but so far I have two. The dizziness isn't as often but sometimes it is. Most nights I take one Melatonin and one Pepto Bismol. It will most likely help me. I cannot get over the fact of this sickness that I have every night. I can't get a break. It all started in December of 2015(around Christmas time). I pray every night to God and also ask my family to pray for me also.

I'm now getting this feeling that I'm going to die soon. I'm too young to die. Before replying, please don't say anything like, "You're crazy, don't think that." I feel like God is punishing me for something. I feel that the pills I am taking are slowly killing me. I really need the pills to help my stomach. I pretty much cry every night because I'm sick and tired of what is happening. I asked my mom to take me to a doctor but I don't know if she scheduled an appt. I'm scared that I will go to the doctor and they will either not know anything or give me the worst. I'm REALLY looking for REAL answers. I am posting to Anxiety Support because my mother says that it could be nerves but honestly I don't feel that at all. It could be but I'm pretty sure it's not that. Please, if somebody could help solve this. I've been looking for answers since this all started. One doctor can't solve everything. I need other answers too. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my last post and to whoever is reading this. Best wishes.

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Hi Nicole,   I did read your first post as well as your latest one.  I'm sorry  you are having so much trouble sleeping at night.  Are melatonin and Pepto Bismul the only

two drugs you are taking?  Even though melatonin is natural, it still is a drug.  One of

the frequent side effects of melatonin is dizziness.  The only way to know if that is

causing your problem is to stop it for a few nights and see if the dizziness goes away.

Second, your problem of not being able to lie down in bed could be acid reflux but

could also be a hiatal hernia. (this allows a small portion of the stomach to back up

into the esophagus causing distress.  Sometimes a little weight gain or eating or

drinking just before lying down can cause this problem.  You really need to see the

doctor who can run some tests if necessary to figure out what is causing this.

Sleeping sitting up is not relaxing over a period of time.   Maybe seeing a GI doctor

might give you a quick diagnosis.   (gastroenterologist/stomach)  I wish you well.


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. This also applies to @peaceandfaith. I told my mom that I think it's Hiatal Hernia but she thinks it's not(I looked deep into the Internet about it and the symptoms apply to mine). I had asked her this morning, when you replied to my post, to make an appointment with a doctor and so she did when I got home from school. She went through all of my symptoms and techniques that I have/use. Thanks to anyone who helped me. I will definitely use all of the suggestions given. I will honestly try my best to help myself from any bad. I'd rather treat myself than have surgery. I'm scared of having surgery so I'm not gonna think about it. I just wanna say thanks again. I've struggled so much(for my age) with this. It keeps me up. It scares me so much that whenever I think about going to sleep that specific night, I get scared. I never know what kind of problem I will have to deal with that night. I'll try to treat myself the best. Thanks. Xoxo.


Oh honey, I didn't mean to scare you.   I have had hiatal hernia for years.  Nothing has ever been done about it.   I'm okay.   No surgery

was ever mentioned.  I wish you well with the doctor appointment.

Please keep us updated.  xxx


Instead of taking peptobismal for your stomach try some natural teas I always drink chamomile lavender tea to help me sleep and if your stomach is upset it's also soothing. I also know that boiled celery and camomile is also good for your stomach to soothe it (just the liquid don't need to eat the celery haha) Of course ginger is amazing too and natural. 


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