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Hi there I've got anxiety So bad that no pills help and I've been agorophobic for decades. I can only go to Dr appt or grocery store. Both of those are so awful. My mom just dropped off cbd oil. She said the ppl said one drop at night one drop in the morning. Hoping it will work after a few weeks. I keep hearing about how wonderful it is in helping with certain illnesses. I've got anxiety, bipolar2, epilepsy, adhd and depression. God I pray it helps!!! I'm so beyond desperate at this point. Can anyone tell me if it helped with anxiety? I don't know the first thing about this stuff. Thanks in advance for any advice !!☺😊😄

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Hello my friend hope your keeping well it's hard what with your anxiety and agoraphobia but things will get better! Can you please let me know how you get on with the cbd as I've heard lots about it but I'm on so many meds I doubt I could take it! I hope it works for you take care my friend david

Hi David ill definitely keep a post up on how cbd oil works. Says it could take a few weeks to work tho. I'm always hearing how well it works so I'm just going to take it day by day. Hoping for the best due to being desperate. I'm on like 5 meds I think and I'm still trying it cause I'm going to stop taking this pill prescribed for anxiety cause it does not work. I can't live like this anymore so praying this works!!! Take care !!😄😄

Lovedogs, did you know you can overcome all your anxiety problems by curling up with a good book? Not just any old book of course, the book has to be "Hope and help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes. Maybe you've come across it and her Acceptance method which she first set out around 50 years ago. That book has helped more people to recovery than any other book, therapist or psychiatrist. In the past 2 or 3 years it has been reader reviewed on Amazon along with Doctor Weekes' other books 1,600 times on the U.S. and U.K. Amazon sites and 90% rate it Very Good or Excellent.

People who read it feel that the author must have known them (she died 25 years ago aged 87) and they recognise themselves in its pages.

Her Acceptance method relies on doing the opposite to our natural instincts in order to recover. Don't try to avoid the symptoms of anxiety, you have to pass right through the storm. Don't fight the symptoms as that just causes more stress and tension. And accept the symptoms for the time being, don't reject them, accept them completely despite the discomfort because by accepting them we lose our fear of them and so stop flooding our over sensitised nervous system with the fear hormone it feeds on.

The book brings understanding, reassurance and a road to recovery. Of course readibg the book is the easy part, putting Acceptance into practice takes persistance.

Claire Weekes claimed in her lifetime that her method will bring certain recovery no matter how long or how deeply you have suffered. You can pick up a used copy for just a few dollars on Amazon - if you only read one more book in your life I suggest this is it.

Whatever you decide I hope that you soon see the beginnings of your recovery which will with time restore your happiness and peace of mind.

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“Hope and Help for Your Nerves” is the best book I’ve ever read. Claire Weeks was amazing!

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I have a very profound saying which I follow my Grandfather told me it " If you wake up in Hell run towards it don't run away from it because if you run towards its centre it gets further and further away" I didn't understand it when I was young but I understand now! I have PTSD as well as physical ailments , I can cope with the physical but not the mental but I try hard not to let it beat me, I am agoraphobic also and take diazepam before I go outside it doesn't stop the panic attacks but they have not been so bad! I have good days when I just seem to float through the days but my bad days are bad.

Does the CBD oil you have, have THC in it...it is the ingredient that makes you high...you have to buy it in person from a dispensary. I doubt if just one drop will do much if its just plain CBD oil...I would start with at least 3 drops (under the tongue) and see how it works, then increase it by one drop at a time until you find 'what works.' Trouble with CBD is its expensive...in the states we pay from (average) $35 to $50 for a 1 oz bottle... but it may well be worth it if it works for you. Some people say they don't need the THC (I don't) and the regular oil works well... Every person is different. Good luck!! (hopefully you are seeing a therapist, right? You deserve all the help you can get!)

Hi thanks for your message. Its plain cbd oil that costs 80 bucks. Not sure if it came from dispensary. The ppl where she bought it said one drop in the morning one at night that's all I take. Ill try and increase it if this doesn't work. This was expensive for sure. My mom paid for it in hopes it helps versus going to Dr every month costing 90 bucks. So I hope this works. I'm not seeing a therapist and won't cause it's never worked before and its way to expensive. Thanks for helping me get to understand the oil. Take care and have a great day☺☺

Thanks for replying... I know CBD oils can be different but it sounds like the kind you have is really good and I think its WONDERFUL that the one drop works for people! That makes it more affordable! :) Good!! You have a great day, too!!


My 26year old son also has anxiety (got it from me) and uses CBD oil. Loves it and swears by it. He’s tryin to get me to try it. It’s the part of the plant that helps anxiety but doesn’t get you high.

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That's what my mom bought the oil that helps with anxiety and sleep. So glad its helping your son. That's awesome. Thanks ☺

Hey lovedogs .. I'm new to this site but I am so glad you ask about the CBD oil. A friend of ours bought some for his wife for anxiety but she takes a few drops, idk if it's once a day or twice.. anyhow he said it started helping her after 2 days of it. After my recent "flare up" of anxiety that was pretty bad for almost 3 weeks solid, my husband, bless his heart bought me a small thing of it to try. It's the one that doesn't have thc in it (the high feeling) but bottle says it may have a trace of it. I haven't tried it yet because I take a hormone replacement pill daily & wasn't sure of the interaction but my primary doc said 2day that it's ok to. I've looked online & yes, apparently it's great for many things! I'd rather use nothing & I'm trying to learn different mind things but I'm really thinking of trying the CBD oil so please let me know how it goes!

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I just messed up and my post was erased. Damn it. All I said was ill keep you posted. Hopefully it will work for both of us. That's great that it helped your friend. Hope I'm lucky enough to have this work. Sorry you've got anxiety too. Welcome to this wonderful site full of caring, understanding and very supportive folks!!☺☺


I take it. My therapist suggested it and actually gave it to me one day in the office. My bottle is a pump. This product works for me. Zero side effects. All that happened to me was I felt "normal".

Whatever that is for you.

The BIGGEST improvement I have seen with CBD oil is my dog.

She has been sick for a few years.

I got CBD oil for dogs, and I give her 0.25mg 2x a day and it brought her back to life for us. We thought she was on her way to the rainbow bridge 6 weeks ago.

This product only has good results in this house.

Omg how sweet that it helps dogs. I'm so glad to hear she's doing great!! That's cool that you tried it to help her get better! Glad she came back to life😄😄 Losing a dog is beyond tough it hurts for a very long time! I lost my shepherd lab mix dog 7 years ago and I miss her everyday!!! Hope you have a great day

My Mother had epilepsy and the same Skeletal disease as myself She also had depression at times, way back in the sixties she was told by a Dr friend to try cannabis (not like the stuff they have now it was apparently a mild stuff ) She tried it and her epilepsy as good as stopped,then the law got so bad She stopped and started a prescription drug and eventually went onto eppilum (not sure of spelling but it's phonetically ok) She started having fits again! Myself I lived in Noordwijk in Holland for a few years and found out about this oil that at the time was Legal in the UK and my Mum would visit and take some home again her fits stopped but then the synthetic drug laws came out and She stopped again back came Her fits/siezures ,Her Dr couldn't get her anything like it on prescription Mum was a Law abiding person even when it was detrimental to her health ! Try it if you can and hopefully it will work for you, I had some of the CBD oil and it helped relieve my pain I dare not get it again as I don't want to break any laws YET !

Omg I feel for you both!! Did she have a lot of fits per week or a few a day? Sounds like your poor mom was having a lot of fits and no medication helped. I feel for her. I only have if I forget to take meds or have no sleep. The fits are terrible to go thru as your poor mom knows. I'm amazed that this stuff can keep you seizure free. I'm glad she found some relief even tho it wasn't long. How is your pain? Are you at least able to take pain killers for your pain? So sorry you two suffered such pain!! Thanks for writing me delzek!!

Just wish it was legal in the UK, it took a massive media campaign to get our Government to allow a child who's Mother gave it to him to stop the hundred or so siezures he had daily She traveled to a Canadain clinic to trail it first brought some back to the UK with them and had it taken off of them! It's the one time I personally was glad the media stepped in

I wish it was legal for you too. This stuff is like a miracle drug for some folks which is great. I've seen on tv someone that had hundreds of seizures like you said and how marijuana helped stop them like it did for your mom. A few states here in the US its legal to have it just wish the state I'm in would allow it to be legal. Thanks for the messages☺☺ Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Thank you My Mother used to have 20 to 30 per day until she started eppillim, I hope your state legalises it soon! it does work wonders

Oh dear I feel for her. Epilepsy is just so awful!! Yes I hope they legalize it here too. So many ppl benefit from cbd!!

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Thanks for the great info and advice! So glad its worked for you too. Seems this stuff works for so many ppl which is so wonderful. My mom said the place she bought it said only twice daily. I'm like what cause from what I read that's not going to do anything. This stuff was 80 bucks which is very expensive. That's great you get yours from a dog rescue☺☺ That's so cool it helps are furry friends too. I agree with you about prescriptions for anxiety. They never work that long plus addicting. I can't take them cause I'm a recovered addict alcoholic. I've abused klonopin before so those are a no no. Hope this stuff helps cause I really want to go outside for a walk. Thanks for your help. Have a wonderful day!!

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Lol I just did that,same thing I kept waking up last night and put another drop each time I woke up. Like you I took a syringe worth just last night!! Oops. I won't do that again either cause I woke up with horrible headache not sure if its related to the cbd. I hope if I just take 2 drops per day I can start feeling calmer once it kicks in a few weeks. Thanks for your message! Enjoy your day☺

I have also tried the Holland and Barret CBD. I didn't notice any difference. I think this is because it is so weak that there is not enough to do the job. P.s it tastes awful! Lol

I also vape so bought the CBD as a vape and it works. I find it does relax me and is very quick. Didn't notice any difference in the day but then you have adrenaline as you move around doing jobs. The vape does not contain nicotine and is flavoured. P.s. Need a good vape device to get the best out of it.

That's great its working for you for anxiety cause that's why I need it desperately to work. I'm agorophobic and I need to feel calm so I can go out. I'd vape it but I just quit smoking so I don't want to start smoking again. It would trigger me to go smoke. I've done the electronic cig but made me want real smokes. Oh my cbd oil has lavender in it so yea it doesn't taste bad but its definitely weird tasting. Lol.

I was just thinking about trying CBD oil, does anyone in the UK know if the one Holland and Barrett sells works? The reviews on the website aren’t great but not sure if it’s been taken for thins other than anxiety. There’s different percentages too so I wasn’t sure which to go for

Personally I don't know. Wish I could help you. I'm still trying to figure this stuff out too. Hope you find answers too!☺

I’ll keep checking back in case anyone figures it out lol. Hope you do too! :)


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Thank you for your reply, I will check out simply CBD. Love that they donate to an animal charity too, that makes the expense feel more justified. Yeah I’m terrified of taking the antidepressants I’ve been prescribed because of the horrible side effects so I definitely want to give CBD oil a go. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated!

Hi! Let me know how it works. I got 1000MG CBD oil shipped to me I paid $140 for. I would take two drops in the morning and two at night. I did this for about 1.5 weeks and didn’t notice too much of a different. When I stopped taking it however I did notice that my muscles were so sore and achey. I’m considering giving it another try. I have severe anxiety and panic disorder that’s created mild depression. Would love to hear how it’s worked for you.

Oh for sure I will definitely let ya know cause this is my last hope. I know how ya feel with the anxiety!! Its just awful isn't it?? Are you using it mainly for anxiety? I'm sorry your dealing with all this too. Hope you have a great day☺😄☺

If it doesn't help try magnesium glycinate. It helps with ADHD, epilepsy, depression and anxiety, cravings and many other things, plus it regulates many things in the body including sleep. So if it fails try Dr's Best Magnesium glycinate chelated, this brand only as it is the best. Good luck with the CBD.

Wow ok that sounds promising too. Thanks so much. I'm getting desperate these days. I appreciate the help!!

Yes! For anxiety. Ugh it’s the worst. I hate it but trying to learn to love it!! I hope you the best and hope it works for you!! ❤️

Lovedogs, you sound SOOO nice, and what a bunch of wonderful people and responses on this!! I felt so encouraged just reading them all. I've been on Zoloft (Sertraline) for only ONE week and am so sick with it and was really going to try to tough it out...but today is SO bad...I really can't do this. After reading these comments I KNOW I'm going to go back to the CBD even if it IS expensive...Some dispensaries in Colorado cut seniors a break...so here is hoping!

Again, thank you, Lovedogs, for your post and thank ALL of you wonderful respondents. You really made my day. Love to all!

Sending lots of love back to you😄☺ Thanks for the kind words Betty!! Your to sweet!! Yea I'm praying that this stuff works a miracle cause I'm so beyond desperate to be able to leave my apt and feel at ease instead of terrified. With pills and their horrible side effects this stuff would be ideal. Its going to be very expensive but well worth it if it works. Ill be getting it for $50 cause my brothers wife's brother sells marijuana and now cbd oil. This first bottle was 80 bucks from Mesquite, NV. Your pretty close if your in Colorado!! What city? Its beautiful there. I'm in Utah. I've only been to Colorado Springs when I was a kid. Anyhoo, I'm so glad I posted too cause I thank you all for the awesome replies!! Have a really great night Betty!!😊☺😄

Hope you have success with this oil😊

Thank you kindly!! Keeping my hopes up definitely😄😀😊☺

I just had to increase my sertraline. Depression is creeping up on me

Oh god I know how you feel. Does that med help your depression? Its great when you can find a med that helps. I sure hope increasing it helps!! Wishing the best for you Jamie☺

Thanks yes it does help but I've had lots of job interviews lately which is stressing me out and messing with my self confidence. I got laid off in Feb. And finding it difficult to get back in the work force. I'll be fine for a while then I'll just start crying.i hate this feeling it's not right that we suffer this way. I feel so sad and don't enjoy anything. I think I might look into that book by Claire Weeks everyone is raving about. Have you read that?

Haven't read that book but I don't read due to ADHD. Can't focus. I know how ya feel big time!! I'm jobless too. Have been a few years due to all mental problems. I can't even imagine having enough confidence to make it thru an interview!!😱😱 my anxiety,is so bad I can't leave my apt. Wishing you the best on your next interview. You'll get a job I just know it cause your giving it your all. That's what it takes to finally land that great job!! I feel like you do too. Your not alone fighting this and that's what I love about this site!!

Thanks I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read it's my escape from reality I feel bad you have it so much worse. The way I feel is it always feels like I'm the only one feeling this bad even when I know others do too. Good luck with the cbd oil hope it helps you some.

Thanks I hope to have luck too. Being on here has been a lifesaver!! I feel like I'm alone too but I get on here and I don't feel so alone...

I see this post is from a while ago and hope you are doing well. I just wanted to say that I take CBD oil on a regular basis and it works wonders for anxiety and depression! I take 150mg a day, sometimes more. I vape it as well. It’s a big help to me!!

I'm so glad it works good for you too!! That's great☺ It does help a lot. I'm so thankful to not be suicidal everyday. If I miss taking it for a few days I notice right away when I get angry and start thinking suicidal thoughts again. So I try and make sure I take it daily to prevent the depression. I still suffer severe anxiety everyday and always have. Wish it worked for that too. But I'm still happy it works wonders for depression. Thanks for the message☺

It does work for depression and it’s natural with no side effects. I wish you well with your anxiety; I know how it feels, but always have faith that this too, shall pass. There is hope for us. Hugs to you!❤️

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