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I'm so tired of feeling like this


I have had anxiety for the past eight months now. My doctor prescribed me sertraline 25 mg. This is my six weeks in taking the antidepressants, my panic attacks subsided but I still feel horrible. I feel like I am going to pass out. I feel like I can't go inside the store without feeling anxious and dizzy so I don't go in stores. I am an outgoing person but for the past eight months I have been in the house. I pray this ends soon.  I'm so tired

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This is how I feel too,it's awful. I hope we'll be back soon

25mg. Is a very low dose of stretaline. Maybe ask Dr to increase to 50mg. ? Tell dr anxiety went away but still depressed. Good luck

Thank you.....yes I pray this all go away, I just want my life back

And yes at my next Dr visit I will ask my doctor to increase my dosage. She did say she wanted to start off on a low dosage and then increas early it to see how it works, but I think increasing will help too....thanks

He probably needs to increase your meds

Really sympathise with you I'm exactly the same ! Just want to feel like I used too xx

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