I hate panic attacks!!

Good evening everyone. Just had yet another panic attack. This one was especially disturbing say down after having a nice day with my family absolutely no reason to even have a panic attack, & then out of nowhere I get one. I felt like I was being smothered couldn't catch my breath I kept trying to yawn but couldn't even do that. I thought this is it this is the way Iam going to die. What a life to live it's absolutely way to depressing. It's really starting to mentally get the best of me. I just wanna go at least one day where I'm not worrying wondering when I'm gonna panic or how bad my anxiety is going to get. I hope everyone has a nice Easter & it's anxiety & panic free... 😊


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  • I panic all the time. Panicking if I go to sleep

    I might die and how do I kno I'm healthy. Worried as well 

  • ughhh i hate it too... I have panic disorder iam always panicking even for no reason sometimes.  My heart is what worries me. If ill die from a heart attack. Iam so sick of it

  • I'm sick of it to. I was having a great day to hanging out with my family & all of a sudden that happens. I also wonder if what we eat can give you an attack. Because I really wasn't under any stress today well I take that back I was at like 50% rather then 100% on a regular day. I keep getting weird pains in both my arms since that happen earlier & a little bit of chest pains. Of course it starts to worry me my boyfriend always tries to calm me down. I took I hot shower that helped with my breathing. This is just an unbearable life to live. 

  • I know exactly what you mean. Its terrifying. Everyday waking up and thinking how will the day go? Or thinking what if ,what if ,what if..   & then anxiety strikes i hate the ones that creep out on you. I can go maybe 2 days without a bad panic attavk and next thing you know out of the BLUE it hits ME 1000 times hard. And i cant stand it anymore!!!!!!

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