I fee like I'm losing my mind ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–during panic attacks

My panic attacks have been so severe lately I fee like I'm losing my mind when I'm going through it , is that normal? Because it's so scary can anyone else explain what they fee while they are going through pano attacks


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  • Dizzy , faint , breathless ,chest pains , increased heart rate , dry mouth , shakey, eyes can't focus .... could go on :(

  • Just went through a few today. I keep saying there is no way thus can be just panic attacks. It has to be something worse. But I get a rush of adrenaline hit my brain, I'll get a nervous feeling or butterfly feeling in my stomach, as the rush comes down to my chest I then began to panic and my heart will beat or pound. I'll inhale and cause I feel shortness of breath. For me it kinda like a warm sensation come through my nose making me feel my breath is about to be taken away. And when that happens i began to panic and then my mind starts making me think I'm about to faint because I feel like I'm losing control mentally, things seem on slow motion I get a lightheaded feeling so by then I'm just in panic cause o began to feel I'm about to die. So then I'll also feel like I can't breath properly which makes me think I'm not getting oxygen to my brain. Then I'll continue to feel sensative in my chest area around my heart and by sensative I mean the nervous feeling traveling through my body. Then as I'm slowly coming out or off of my panic I then get dry mouth may still feel shaky. And some times it'll end off with my nerves still jumpy. And then by the end of it all when it is possibly over I'll feel tired or a sudden drowsy feeling of wanting to sleep, also an urge to urinate or some times even bm.

  • Yes same here except I get sweaty cold hands then a tingle sensation through my whole body then my mind feels like I'm losing it I feel scared because I rhink I'm gonna pass out my mind gets so out of control it starts to race that I dnt even know what I'm doing I cant concentrate my heart goes crazy fast and I panic where r you from

  • Usa /Georgia ..where r u from?

  • California by San Francisco

  • Ok we both in usa. I'm female 34 yes old. And u?

  • Female 27 years old this has become so severe I even stopped working

  • Wow me too. I have not been to work for 3 weeks now. I was a waitress. I had gotten to a point I couldn't even walk to my customers without feeling lightheaded or dizzy moments. And it even was times I felt mild panic attacks happen while at work. If this is what they say it is. I'm still in denial that thus is just anxiety. My life has changed so much in these past 3 months

  • Me to my life has changed drastically I'm so sad because it scares me I have a daughter who mentally I can't be there the way I should I mean we all live together her father me and her but it's like I'm not right to be able to connect I love her so much and it makes me so sad to be that way it's to the point where I have to pack my duffle bag and take her an myself to my parents while her dad is at work because I'm so afraid my name is Erica by the way it's just awful I want my life back I pray to God everyday to give me that peace of mind and I always tell him to take away the enemy that's putting this all on me

  • My name is ebony. Girl you sound exactly like me. I get so heartbroken when I see my girls I have two. I get so heartbroken because I know for a fact I've changed so much from this anxiety which caused me to be mild depression and stress out. Girl I pray and cry and pray and cry so much. I've become a straight bucket of tears. And my youngest daughter dad we aren't together buy ever since this anxiety came back on me like this I've asked him to come to be here with me because I've become afraid to not want to be alone. And in the day if no one is with me I'll go to my mom's house too. I feel so helpless. I cry even just thinking about how five months ago life seemed relatively normal for me.

  • Girl me to I get you completely. I will pray for both of us I hate it do u have Facebook?

  • Yes. It's

    Juanita Simmons on Facebook from Savannah Ga. What's yours. Yes let's pray for each other.

  • Girl guess what?

  • What ??

  • Nothing major but I had clicked on your profile from this forum so I could follow you on here and I see we are on the same medication. Girl. This is crazy. But I'm two weeks in. I am really considering stopping. I'm not sure I like these symptoms and side effects. How is it for you? I'll tell you all about mine

  • I been on a month now but it seems to help me but not as quickly I'm seriously considering Xanax at a low dose for the panic

  • I can't find you on there search me

  • It's also like that fear you get right before you are going to throw up

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