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Extreme weakness

Hey everyone! I was feeling good for the last few days and actually slept well. When I woke up I felt kind of off and realized I was extremely weak. I tried going for a walk and could barely walk half a mile. I can't tell if this is anxiety or not, do other people ever feel this bad randomly? I feel like all my muscles are fatigued and my body is so tired.

 I thought I was doing better so I'm surprised I feel like this since I haven't really been anxious for the last few days.

I did start taking a super low dose of Lexapro a week and a half ago, maybe that's it?

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I went for a long bike ride the other day ( mostly uphill) and the next day I felt this way all day. I took it as a sign that my body was telling me I needed to relax and unwind. Not sure if it's the  same in your situation or not. I felt more as if I could pass out. I drank lots of water and Gatorade and made sure to snack all day and felt fine within an hour or so


I've heard lexapro can make you very tired so it could be


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