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Extreme Weakness and Muscle Atrophy

Hello I'm new to forms and support groups, still trying to figure out what I'm doing lol. I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety, prior to I was very outgoing and active, my main symptom I am worried about is Muscle Loss / Muscle atrophy, literally within a month I lost most of my muscle mass in most of my body, I feel so weak and frail. Has this occurred in anyone else dealing with Anxiety, please advise, Thank you.

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Anxiety is a nitemare does strange things to your mind and body. Go online to site (love yourself green) by Rachael abel's. I follow what she said the best I could and Iam starting to feel better after 2 weeks.


Muscle weakness is caused from anxiety. I have had it for years. At first I seen a Dr for it several times and they all said it was anxiety. 10 years later I still deal with it. However, it's nowhere near as often as it was due to medication.


Oh have I ever. Whenever I pick up my kids, reach for a cup, do the dishes...basically anything, my arms feel weak. I also get this strange jittery feeling when I use them too, almost like my muscles are having trouble responding to the message to move.

When this began it lead me to the internet which reported ALS or MS. Guess what, I'm terrified every day I have one or the other! I asked my doctor, he laughed at me basically.

I never had the muscle loss, at least not yet anyway, so I can't speak to that. All I know is the more I think about it the worse it is. It's always in the back of my mind. When I reach down to pick up something, or hold my cup to take a drink, or pet my dog, etc, I focus on how my arm(s) feel when doing so. This has to be messing up the natural process of things because there was a point in my life when I didn't worry about my body parts and they functioned just fine!

Now, onto the common sense stuff. Stay off the internet. Don't google anything. My favorite saying with google: "Google only shows you what you're looking for, and you're looking for the wrong things." Go to the Dr. tell them about your issues with the most detail as possible. Don't leave with a quick look-over and a shrug from them saying" oh it's just anxiety." Have blood work done. Get a physical. Muscle loss and weakness can be a sign of some things, so have those ruled out completely. Your best bet is to see a neurologist, as your issues can be reflective of their area of focus.

At the end of that, if all checks out OK and you're then left with the anxiety diagnosis you must completely trust it. You heal from anxiety, and beat it, by accepting it and not letting the fear of your symptoms get to you. That's the cycle. You get scared because you have symptoms because you're scared. You break that cycle by breaking the fear and "floating" through your anxiety spell.

Easier said then done, I know. I've been working with my anxiety since November of 2015, and here I am. Better than I was, but still worried I have MS/ALS. Mind you, I have had every exam known to man except an electrical nerve impulse workup, but that's only because my Dr sees no reason to. So here I be.

I wish you the best, and I hope it is "just" anxiety.

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Please see a medical doctor. Make sure your muscle loss is physical. I've never heard of muscle loss from anxiety; that doesn't mean that it's not possible. Praying for your health.


Likewise let a doctor look at your symptoms


Keep up your nutrients and drink protein shakes. Even if you can go outside and walk for awhile you'll feel better. During this time just do light stretches and maybe take up yoga. I had to stop working out for awhile but I tried to tell myself that during this time I had to exercise my mind which is the most important muscle.

....Once you regain your energy and feel better you can start doing your regular exercise routines.


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