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Is it Like a Mini cure to anxiety??? Have heard of it before but never took a jump for it. My anxiety is getting so bad and i have no where to turn. I see my therpist next week but idk how much more i can handle. I had a really bad panic attack and my mind was racing with thoughts of death and fear of nothing! I need this magnesium in my life. I tried valerian root but ew it sucked. Any suggestions or experiences with this mag?


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  • Amazing!! Before I got pregnant I took one every morning! It does give you a dodgy stomach but I'd rather have that than the anxiety! I took 375mg a day and honestly it's the best! Xx

  • i went a bought some to try it! Its 500mg and iam ready to start it!

  • Take one in the morning and one at night I think that should help you

  • Hello

    Sorry you have not been feeling so good :-( but pleased you will be seeing your therapist next week I am really hoping that is going to help :-)

    I have heard Magnesium is very good but have not been able to take it because of some other meds I take and when I asked it was suggested they could give me a bad stomach because they would interact but as long as you are not taking any other meds I would say go for it what have you to loose and if you are taking any other meds just ask first to make sure there will be no interactions :-)

    Let us know how your therapy goes and if you take the Magnesium let us know if it helps you :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hey bounce. Iam currently off the xanax and have been for about a week. I just bought magnesium 500mg and i just took one. Iam really hoping it helps me i need my life back!

  • I'd be really interested to know if it works for you. Keep us posted please! Really hope it does the trick for you. :-)

  • Fingers crossed for you that they help :-) x

  • What medication do you take that it interferes with? If you don't mind me asking.. I am taking medications and I really want to try this magnesium out. I just don't want it to interact with anything else. You can private message me if you'd like. Thanks!

  • Hello

    For me it was my blood pressure tablets as well as I take tablets for my stomach to

    I can only say what my Doctor told me personally when I asked and she felt it would not be wise especially that it could make me stomach issues worse

    The best thing for anyone taking meds of any kind even if it is a vitamin or something natural you are going to try just to ask the Doctor or your pharmacists if it is ok , most times I expect it will be but there is an odd occasion depending your medical history where they may advise not to for whatever reasons

    Take Care x

  • Oh okay. I take medication for my blood pressure as well. That's why I ask.. But thank you for the heads up! I will definitely ask my doctor or pharmacist if it's okay to take it. Thanks again! (:

  • It can also be a combination of all your medical history so because you take BP meds to does not mean they will say no but worth asking , I hope they say yes so you can give them ago and let us know if you do if they helped :-) x

  • Okayyes. I will definitely ask! Which supplement of magnesium works best, if you know? I want to buy ome, but I want to be sure that I'm asking them doctor or pharmacist about their exact one.. thank you for replying :)

  • Not sure personally which is the best as there are so many on the market , maybe asking the forum will get you some good advice on that one but again I have always found the chemist really good or Health shops as well in recommending which they feel are the best :-) x

  • Hi FindingStrength,

    Why are you giving up the xanax? I don't think it's a complete answer but it's a little bit of help.

  • Xanax was making me feel too drowsy and made my paranoia worse... So they took me off untill i can see my therapist

  • I see. That's one of the problems with xanax. You probably need something that lasts longer but keeps you at a steadier state. I had hoped that's what you would have been prescribed. Please don't think there's something wrong with you if the magnesium doesn't work out well.

  • yeah :( but i just need to get help from a therapist. I know there is medicTion out there for me. I was on klonopin and lexapro worked miracles i was feeling like my normal self again.. But i got taken off because i got pregnant i hope i can get back on them soon....

  • NOW you're talking! I'd love to see you on those meds. You could be feeling pretty good.

  • I admire your sacrifice to nurse your baby and give up those meds.

  • Thank you 💙

    Yes i had to Nurse my baby. And at the time i was feeling amazingly happy with my new baby and my kids seeing them happy. But after 4 months panic disorder decided to come back and ruin everything :( it broke me into little pieces. And the reason it took me so long to finally see a therapist was because my insurance gor closed and i had to fight for it again. Finally got it and finally seeing my therapist again. I really hope i can gind happiness and Joy in living again.

  • I think you will. Just remember how it felt to take the medicines you were on. Didn't you take them for long enough to feel good? About 4-6 weeks?

  • I was on klonopin and lexapro for about 4 months and then i got pregnant lol but it worked great it didnt make me feel drowsy or nothing it just made me feel happy again and all the anxiety went away for that moment but got worse after i got off and during my entire pregnancy.

  • So you know what it feels like to be in a stable state. All you need now is a Dr. to put you back on the same drugs and voila!! You're there!!

  • Klonipin last longer and taste better than Xanax

  • yes it does! Xanax was too strong for me. Klonopin was the best thing i just hope when i see this new therapist i wont be put on something else. I can deal with different meds all the time

  • Yes but get magnesium citrate since magnesium oxide cannot dissolve/work in our blood by itself.

    Potassium gluconate can also be taken with it for max benefit

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