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Ive read up on the benefits of magnesium where it can help reduce your anxiety, better concentration, no pains, better sleep etc.. can anyone recommend a good brand and dose? I want to trial it.

I heard you should take magnesium chelate or citrate instead of magnesium oxide as the first 2 are organic and have a higher absorption rate plus less bowel interuptions - is this true? Does it have to be taken in conjunction with anything else? Ive heard vitamin b6 or vitamin d?

I take natural iron suppliments currently.

Thank u :)

Edit: im located in Australia so please suggest anything i can buy in stores here or any online store that ships here

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Got a Costco near you ? .... Kirkland magnesium citrate .. I take 2 every night 😊


I do but i dont have a membership! Ill have to look into getting one! Thank you Milliepuppy :)



I get Solgar Magnesium Citrate from Amazon. It's a very good one and easily absorbed. I take two a day (recommend dose) One in the morning with food and one before bedtime.


Perfect! Thank you :)


Did you get some Magnesium today?


No i havent had the chance to get to the shops. I will on the weekend! Will update once i do :)


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