I'm so scared

I'm due my period this week. I am currently on the pill, I usally come on around Thursday.

I have been looking up on ectopic pregnancies and I have some of the symptoms. Including, sharp pain on one side where my ovary is and feeling very tired and achy. I heard it can be life threatening and now I'm so scared what do I do?

This pain started Friday night last week and has been on and off since.

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  • My period just ended yesterday and i started having sharp pains on one side as well... But it could be because of your menstrual coming soon...

  • Yeah I'm hoping that's all it is, it's not how I normally get

  • Have you been getti g really bad anxiety lately?

  • Yeah I mean I suffer panic attacks all the time and I stress a lot

  • Me too i get very bad panic attacks especially at night or during the middle of the night i wake up with thoughts of iam going to die or have a heart attack etc.... Its ruining me. And it comes with all sorts of symptoms :(

  • Ectopic pregnancies are extremely rare. I haven't heard you mention bleeding. I would be very surprised if this were the case based on your symptoms. Sounds like bad PMS.

  • If you still think maybe? Please see a doctor asap.

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