So scared!

I have just been ready up on heart disease. I'm so scared my arteries are blocked! I'm terrified I will have a heart attack and die. I sometimes get some of the symptoms infact almost all of them. However I have had quite a Few ECG's in the past year and I had a heart monitor fittes for a few days. (24hr) plus blood work about a year ago now, would this have picked it up if I had heart disease? Could it have been missed? I'm so scared! 


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  • Don't be scared ! Everything will be okay hang in there.

  • I know it's just easier said than done :(

  • Hey I'm rooting for you 😊😁 but yes you're right. I know things will be okay trust in God 

  • I hope so🙈 Think I need a 24hour doctor by my side haha 

  • Haha well I'm always here if you need anything 😊

  • Hi

    How old are you? Is there any family history of heart disease early in life?

    I worked as an RN for many years in Cardiac Care. I may be able to answer some  of your questions if you like.😊

  • Hi oh that's great!!! Well my grandads father died of a heart attack but he wasn't young. As far as I know there isn't any history of heart disease other than that 

  • Oh and I'm 19year old female 

  • Hi 

    Not likely to have heart disease at your age, relax.

  • Haha thank you that makes me feel better 

  • If these tests were done at different times and by different people it is very very unlikely that mistakes have been made. Wonderful though the internet is it can make us all ' medical experts' and give us the idea that we have all sorts of horrible things wrong with us. Then we worry and that causes even more ' symptoms' . The mind is a very powerful object and the connection between mind and body is well proven by now.

    Your mind can tell your body it has these symptoms so now you could help your mind to tell your body you do not have them any more or that they are harmless.

    Meditation especially mindfulness is a wonderful tool. Do look into it please


  • Very wise words deejames.  It makes me wonder how older generations got along without googling their symptoms.  Oh that's right, they lived each day to the fullest  :)    Too much knowledge can hurt us, we need to leave it to the experts...

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