I'm scared

I have serious health anxiety and lately my feet have been giving me this weird ache/pain when you touch the bone. I looked it up and it said it was bone cancer and I'm freaking out. Just can someone help me, my parents just keep making fun of me. sometimes I press the area where I get this pain and it's not there. Is it my mind playing tricks on me? It happens in both of my feet. It's not like I can talk to my family and they're stressed enough and I just don't know what to do.

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  • Do your parents know you have health anxiety? Go see your gp. Tell him your fears. I'm sure there is nothing wrong but get it checked to put your mind at ease. Discuss this health anxiety. And see if you can get something done about it. You have my empathy.

  • Yeah I've got counselling in 2 weeks time

  • good re counselling. x

  • Hi Lucygarrard27, I agree with susieanna, at 14years old, you need to have a serious talk with your parents as to what you are going through. Also you need to stop looking up your symptoms since that will only freak you out. Googling symptoms only gives people a generalized idea of what MAY be going on. It does not replace a doctor's diagnosis. I do believe you are feeling the pain you express to us. I would tend to think it is caused by your over active mind regarding health anxiety. Never the less, no one should slough it off since it is a real concern to you. Let us know how it goes when you have a talk with your parents. Don't be afraid and don't be intimidated, you need comfort and understanding right now. x

  • My parents know about what I'm going through but it's I don't want to worry them

  • Your parents should be there to help you; but at least you have the counselling coming up; as has been said, try not to google! x

  • Lucygarrard27, is it your parents you don't want to worry or are you scared? In either case dear, you need to talk with a professional who can help you with your fears. They can help figure out where these fears stem from as well as teach you ways to rid yourself of them. You have some of the best times of your life ahead of you which shouldn't be taken up with thoughts of catastrophic illnesses. We are all here to help you through this as well. xx

  • My family member died in a car accident almost 2 years ago and I had counselling but i was okay and then I had some weird chest pain and I got serious health anxiety and i can't control it

  • Lucygarrard27, I'm sorry about your loss. Anxiety usually does not appear from no where. It can take hold in many different forms. For you, it seems to be health anxiety. It's not a matter of controlling it as much as it is in ridding yourself of the fear. Usually there are social workers at school that you might be able to talk with. If not, a therapist would help in this fear not escalating. I'm sure others on the forum will give some input as how to handle your worry as well. Keep coming back to the forum.

  • Yeah my school counsellor helps me a lot, but it's still really hard to deal with

  • I've convinced myself I've had, MS, ALS, Brain Cancer and HIV. I've been tested thoroughly and don't have these afflictions. I'm a guy and once Googled my symptoms, the next thing I knew I was 6 months pregnant!!!!! Please don't waste time surfing the web for health symptoms. However addressing the way you feel with your parents/ Dr is very important also. Please try and relax sweetie, I have three girls ages 19, 15 and 13. My youngest is abit of a worrier. Hugs to you and try to relax.

  • Hahaha! re the pregnancy! Seriously though; its awful having such fears!

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