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So Scared

I don't know what to do with myself there is so many things wrong with me at the same time I'm convinced I have cancer and it is spreading. I have also have period like cramp pains in my stomach and back all of the time. I started having this pain right below my belly button when I went to urinate a few months ago. I went to the doctor and then it went away for a few months but it has returned. I get this pain randomly now as well as pain in my vagina. I also feel burning when I feel the need to urinate but its not all of the time and it's never when I actually urinate. I have noticed mucus after a bowel movement and yesterday I noticed what appeared to be blood mixed in my stool for the first time. All of the symptoms are driving me crazy and I cannot get back into the gyno until next week wednesday. I have an appt with the Gastro doctor on wednesday and I am terrified. With all of these symptoms I know it must be something very serious :( I can barely eat or sleep because of all the stress and anxiety from all of this.

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I have just had a quick look at your posts you have done & I only looked at the titles & I can see there maybe a pattern that you have a certain degree of Health anxiety as most relate to your health in some way or another & I can relate to this as at a young age I suffered with Health anxiety & even though by working on these fears it has got better when ever I feel there could be something wrong with me it still rears it's ugly head & the same thing happens it tells me this is it , it has to be serious , life threatening & so on because that is how health anxiety affects us

Over the years I have examined every part of my body I have even had that many tests done my doctor once said there is nothing left to test , but was I ever convinced no , it is only now I look back & think crikey how did they ever put up with me as I was there at least once a week or more knocking on the doctors door

As well as examining every part of my body I would examine everything that came out of it to & always I would think I would see something that didn't look right & again because of this I would get them sending samples of etc all of which came back fine

Of course you are going to feel worried , but try & focus on some positives , you are 19 ? so age is on your side & also you are under the care of a Gastro doctor & yes you will feel anxious but once you have been hopefully you will come back with some peace of mind , ask yourself when these thoughts come in your head why should I be the 19 year old that is going to have something really serious wrong with me , what makes me any different for this to happen than all the other healthy 19 year olds I know & are out there enjoying life & when you have had the all clear or treatment for these medical problems if you are not already get some counselling to deal with your anxiety because there is a life out there for you to enjoy to & in time you will :-)

Good Luck with the tests x

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Thank you.. I will be seeking help when I find out whats going on with my body :(



You more than likely will find out everything is fine

You could have irritable bowel or I know my Gastric problems were all down to my anxiety creating it , anxiety can also make are symptoms feel twice as bad as what they are because we are so tuned into how our bodies are feeling

Let us know how you get on & even now you could ask your doctor about been referred for counselling because there can be a waiting list & the sooner with anxiety we can start dealing with it then it is so much better for us

Take Care x


I dnt think it is irritable bowel because there was blood mixed in it which has me freaking out ;(



Your post says you think there was mucus that could have had blood in it ...but you were not sure & especially with your age I would very much doubt it would be cancer ...It could be something so simple you will wonder what you worried about ....but you are doing the right thing getting checked out & now what ever if anything is happening they are fantastic at treating people ...tell them all your fears & just how this is affecting you & then get through this & you will & then you can start dealing with your anxiety x


Thanks for ur reply


I no where ur coming from I had cervical cancer 15 years had all the treatment and got all clear after 5 years that was 15 years ago and for just about a year now I am suffered with health anxiety but starting to get help with it but its no quick fix .I have a few things going on with my body and thats always the first thing I think about thats when the anxiety kicks in and then the panic oh god its horrendous I no . I think what if its cancer and they dont get it in time thats all I think about u cant help urself its a trigger goin off . Dont wait do back to your doctor and tell them whats goin on . Anxiety is terrible to live with on ur own I know xx


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