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Iron tablets affecting my mood

I have ocd and I have hormone related anxiety. All being treated. Recently had blood tests and found I'm borderline anemic. Started ferrous fumarate on Friday, then on Saturday I wasn't feeling myself, Sunday I felt really tired. Yesterday I felt anxious and silly ocd thoughts. Today I feel depressed and been crying. Was fine before I started these tablets. Except that I always had songs in my head from time I woke up. Which is still there. Can iron tablets really affect mood like this? I take my iron tablet in the morning not long after my sertraline. Would really like some advice. Oh and the doctor said it is probably because of heavy periods I'm anemic, but I'm on the pill so can't be

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Apparently iron supplements have the ability to affect sertralines rate of metabolism. When researching I found that it's best to leave a couple of hours between taking sertraline & iron supplements.


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