woke up in a good mood today but a little shaky my hands for some reason

Soo this morning i went to ihop ate great it was great but some reason me drinking some juice my hand started to shake but im saying shaking alot but other wise i feel good my head feel a little wierd but i feel good im getting the hang of it its hard but its getting to the point i know how to hang with it But good luck guys it just takes time you have to let it come to you and be like oh okay that was quick then it leaves its like something that try to scare you so you can run away from it .

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  • Johnnie, is that really you?? :) What a turn around you are making and I am sooo

    happy to see that. Keep up that positive thinking. You're doing good.

  • Yeah Lol im getting there it might take some time but im getting there i could feel it its just certain things i get like wierd feeling in my head and the heart rate and short ness of breath but im getting there i been trying to control everything .

  • I'm proud of you Johnnie

  • yeahh may i ask do you take beta blockers ?

  • Yes I do. I'm on Metoprolol...

  • i got the same one 25mg but the thing is they gave to me in the ER i try to get in contact with my cardiologist but he on vacation soo in the ER they gave it to me because my heart rate was fast but then i would only take it if my heart is going really fast and sometimes i wont but the cardiologist told me i have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one he just said its stress related and that the next step would be depression pills or something but that day i forgot to tell him if i continue taking it or no .

  • sometimes aswell i feel like a vibration on my hurt idk if its flutter or ehat but it feels like its vibration or something as well

  • I have high blood pressure and was given 25mg of Metoprolol . It is also good for anxiety. No problems with it.

  • yeah the thing is idk if i could take sometimes when i feel my heart rate fast and do you ever get those dizzy feeling while you walking and feeling like your going to past out that just happen my head feels wierd

  • I use to feel that way when my anxiety was real bad. the more I feared it, the worse it got. I no longer experience that feeling when walking. I've learned to accept it's not harmful as well as go forward. But then again, I'm on medication so that possibly is helping.

  • Yeah i felt that just now but i was fighting it like not here not now and what meds are you taking they gave me something called paxil never took it doe

  • Lexapro 15mg.

  • oh okay i have paxil 25mg havent tryed it yet at all but i still feel things but been trying to handle it my self with out taking meds if it doesnt work i might need to take meds

  • Johnnie, Over the years, I would fill my prescriptions and they would stay on the shelf because I was too afraid to try anything. So you are not alone in being cautious.

    I too wanted to do it on my own but when a medical necessity came along (high blood pressure), I had no choice but to go on Metoprolol. Funny how it's been the best thing for me.

    Don't worry, when the time is right and you feel comfortable taking medication, you will know.

  • Yeah you right

  • can these type of meds like paxil or the one you have treat depersonalization like unreal dream like vision and sympthoms in your body i always feel like fast spasm on my arm or chest like moving by its self fast aswell.

  • I really don't know Johnnie. Paxil is a SSRI (antidepressant) which works on the part of the brain that controls our way of thinking. Like a mood enhancer. When you get the fast chest or arm spasms, that would react better to a antianxiety med. But your doctor would be able to tell you what is best for you according to your health history.

    Just remember that we are not doctors, most of us relay to what we experience with symptoms as well as medications we've been on. That doesn't mean it would be the same for you.

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