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28yo- daily head pressure, acute high blood pressure, dizzy and ears clogged


My name is Corbin, and for the last two years have been extremely unwell with a seemingly undiagnosible illness.

I am a fit, healthy 28 year old guy who has spontaneously developed servere high blood pressure, temporal pressure headaches, dizzy spells and blocked ears. The symptoms vary, with acute periods lasting a couple hours and occurring on a weekly basis. Generally an acute period is characterized by severe headaches, needing to lie down, blocked ears and extreme lethargy. and on the odd anxious feeling.

I have had CT’s and MRI’s of the brain and cervical spine, PET scans, ECHO’s, a multitude of blood tests and various other tests with no abnormalities.

I gym 4 times a week, eat healthy and work as a hairdresser, so my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall.

This condition is starting to limit my lifestyle and with two years of no answers I am putting it out there for someone to recognize or provide advice about what could potentially be going on!

Any feedback, even small, would be very much appreciated! Corbin@live.com.au

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What you have just described is exactly what I have and of course in undiagnosed. I'm 20 years old and am also a hairdresser/beauty therapist. I find that the dizzyness really has an impact on how I perform treatments.


Hey have you been tested for everything as well??

has your blood pressure been very high as well?

I quit hair dressing 9 months ago and I still am sick... doctors told me it might of been a chemical build up from the chemicals at work but I think they are missing something.


I had a blood test about a year ago and I've had plenty of ECG's and heart monitors ect. My blood pressure varies. I think that comes down to stess. I have never heard of a "chemical build up"

I started getting these symptoms when I came back from Spain about 8months ago. I was working in a spa at the time. It became so bad I had to come out of work completely.

One thing a GP did tell me I had was vertigo. Which usually has bad spouts on and off.

Perhaps that's what it is. It's nothing harmful it's just not nice at all.


I have had a internal parasite 3 years ago but they got rid of it than year later i ended up with all these symptoms, doctor assure me its noting to do with that even after every test u can possibly have.

i have had a endoscopy and cystoscopy and all came back normal besides some reflux issues which i developed after been sick with parasite from Asia. The doctor told me there was no sign of digestive issues or intolerances.

I do drink a lot of water well I try too. I don't drink coffee or tea. and my diet is pretty healthy lots of vegetables on the odd occasion pizza and some bad stuff but I find if I eat and stuff like that my reflux is much worse.

I don't have any Fillings either.

I also fell sick after 4 days moving into my new house, though i have had the house checked over and over for everything, also when I'm away from the house for 2 weeks I'm still sick.

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That would be awesome if you could, i will book in and see this lady my friend told me about she looks a little deeper than what most doctors do.


That sounds like me have your thyroid checked.


It's interesting you say that I have had my thyroid checked twice a year ago when this all started and all came back normal! But my mother and aunts all suffer from thyroid problems.


Hey there, did you have the exact same symptoms blocked ears, dizzy spells and acute high blood pressure?


What did they do for your high blood pressure??


They put me on perindaphri 8mg one daily but my blood pressure still goes up on them which proves its not hypertension


Well whatever they do, they need to get that high bp under control but if its just situational maybe that's good?


Yep...you described me from head to toe...and I’m female you’ll get through it just take it day by day and get your mind off of things when you start thinking so much...hope all gets better😚😚


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