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High blood pressure and head congestion

Ok so i was having a bad week all this week with thinking i was having a heart attack, went for an ekg today and had blood pressure done, yes i have anxiety and panic atta ks but this is crazy.. my blood pressure was 160/100 .... im laying in bed now trying to use breathing to help me lower it. Im 39 male, i pour concrete for a living... i was just wondering if anyone out there had any tips to lower my blood pressure now..

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Have you ever tried yoga? meditation? Take a mini vacation?

You sound under stress and just need a break for you.

Good thoughts coming your way.


Hi, I have fluctuating BP as well. I don't take medication but I have found that meditation, relaxed, not forced, deep breathing helps. Taking a warm bath with lavender and ylang ylang essential oil helps. Take some magnesium as well. A good quality one, not oxide or aspartate. The main thing I have learned is that if I accept that my BP is up a bit because of stress or anxiety, it doesn't spike like it used to. If you focus on it, it goes higher. That's the nature of the beast I'm afraid.

I have also listened to some good BP lowering self hypnosis videos on YouTube. They actually do help.

BP is not a disease, it's a symptom.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there.


Apologies for butting in, I was interested in your comment re. magnesium, so many on the market!!! - would you be kind enough to tell me which you recommend? thanks


Please don't apologise, I don't mind sharing info at all.

Jigsaw make a good magnesium supplement. Amino acid chelate is ok. Citrate, malate, glycinate. It's a matter of finding which one suits you best. Oxide is heavy and cheap. It causes diarrhoea, nausea and is very hard on the system. Aspartate is a neuro excito-toxin and can cause agitation in sensitive individuals.

Malate is good for muscle spasms, glycinate is relaxing. So is magnesium l-threonate.

The main 2 to avoid is the 2 I mentioned earlier.

Every one reacts differently so it's trial and error. I hope I've not made it too confusing.

Msg if you need any further info.


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Thanks for advice - appreciated!


You're welcome. :)


Change your eating habits to eat less salty foods and fried foods, fast foods too can up your blood pressure . The key I is watch what you eat and portion control. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink water instead of soda. Breathe deeply when you are relaxing. Have you tried gentle yoga? Most of all trust in God to carry you forward in confidence and health.


BP, the reason your blood pressure is up slightly is no doubt because you were very anxious whilst it was being taken. Anyway, 160/100 is only just above what in the U.K. is considered the upper threshold for normal which is 140/90. So stop worrying about your blood pressure and go buy a blood pressure machine where you can test yourself at home, buy one that's certified for accuracy by some heart health organisation. Then monitor yourself over a couple of weeks, make sure you've been sitting down for 5 minutes and that your arm is at heart level and supported. Not after a meal or exercise.

If you find that 160/100 is normal, which I doubt, go discuss it with your doctor who might recommend a low dosage bp tablet and eat more healthy as others have advised here. Anyway, you are NOT going to have aheart attack so stop stressing about that one slightly raised bp measurement. And scan this forum for advice for dealing with panic attacks and general anxiety.


Ha ha this us so true!! I have had bo of 120/80 my entire life and a few weeks ago went to the docs in a state of anxiousness about the stress in my life and my bp was 145/89. She was a bit concerned and wouldn't prescribe me a estrogen pill because of my age and the high bp. I was shocked so raced out and bought a $99 machine. Took my bp several times at different times of the day and after exercise and after eating etc and haven't had it higher than 122/79 for the last 3 weeks!!!! Apparently it can be called "white coat syndrome"!


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