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High blood pressure

I did as you all recommended and went twice to the docs about the terrible internal shaking I was (and still am) getting. I had a blood test (everything normal about from low folic acid) but my blood pressure was high on the first occasion and had come down but not back to normal on the second. Is high blood pressure associated with anxiety in your experience?

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Yes anxiety stress and general un ease can affect your blood pressure. Find out more facts here


Primary or essential hypertension is normally the type people get. that is high blood pressure brought about by Circumstance. Environment, general level of fitness, stress anxiety in life as well as white coat hypertension this is when you are subconsciously thinking the doctor or nurse might find something sinister. Dont worry that will add to it adopt a healthy lifestyle and engage in light exercise and eat health. Most of all deal with the stuff thats bothering you. if you need help get it! If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got. downloads of relaxing or therapeutic tracks are here


I had a routine health check a month or so ago and as I suffer badly from health anxiety, you can imagine I was pretty tense.

They had to take my BP three times and each time it'd fallen more by dramatic amounts from very high down to normal. All due to anxiety.


I hate getting mine taken - have health anxiety. I went to docs to ask if my balance problems might be caused by problem with ears and he wanted to take my BP as part of checking me over. I couldn't let him but said I would get nurse to do it when she took blood for tests. It was high but dropped a bit when she took it again after a minute or so later. Freaked me out. Went back for blood results (other doctor), they were fine and BP was still up (lower again from nurse taking it), She said my pulse was racing and it probably my anxiety pushing it up. I've decided to walk everyday and just lead healthy life style. Also taking beetroot juice.


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