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Anxiety & sinuses & period , & weird sensation? Advice?


I know there's post on anxiety & the two other names mentioned but let's also put in that "sensation" that annoyed me earlier & yeah that's what I'm irritated about. I'm currently on my period & have sinus issues thanks to this weather over here. Well that's not what I want advice for lol. I am trying to at least nap for a bit but this sensation has me anxious . Well I was falling asleep , waking up, when what was the case, I had to go to the bathroom lol but before I got the memo , I went on my phone for a bit . I know my forehead was aching & I still wanted to read this text . Then it's like a wave of anxiousness came , around my forehead then near my boobs & gut & right arm , that anxiety like wave was all on the right side & I dropped my phone , because that arm felt like Jello . I'm thinking it was sinus related but maybe it could be anxiety? Anyone have these sensations before or know what I mean , &/or tips to calm down or maybe even shoo these sensations away?

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The only thing that calms me down is to remember it didn't kill me last time I felt that way 😕


I get a wuerd sensation in my chest every morning around 4:30 am only happens when I'm sleeping anyone have this experience


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