So I've noticed stress triggers a lot of my anxiety? Is it safe to say the two go hand in hand? Whenever I get stressed at work, or having a argument with someone I feel my head get tense and boom the lightheadedness is really bad, it will then bring a lot of tension across my forehead and a lot like a pulse I can feel go through my body? I've got a bit of a temper on me and but I've noticed its a lot worse since the anxiety... I barely have any patience these days? Anybody else relate to this?


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  • I get this a lot, anxiety does make us stress out more and get easily agitated. I'm quite hot headed x

  • Ok so stress kicks of the anxiety and yes they can go hand in hand one can start the other and vice versa. But what is it you think you are anxious about?

  • Oh stress absolutely triggers anxiety especially in anxiety-prone people. It's hard to let go of stress for us and so the symptoms course through our bodies. I immediately get the tense, tightened muscles in my head and then get lightheaded. The back of my neck and across my shoulders actually burn because of the heightened stress. I too,

    no longer have patience with myself. I can relate...

  • I'm yet to figure out what started off all this anxiety? I'm still not 100% sure I even have it. But going by all the people I've spoken to one here and the fact I've had MRI scan of my head, ECGs of my heart, 10 different blood tests, seen a nureolgist, GPs, chest x Ray's, eye tests... And everything is fine. I'm guessing it's time to go down the root? I started with a backache that I thought was something really bad, which started the heat pressure and the rest is history I guess. I'm now trying to work out what triggers it and how best to deal with it so I can get on with my life.

    So any tips on trying not to stress out would be great x

  • I think you are correct in wanting to figure out what started this anxiety. It seems like you have had complete medical workup. You may need a therapist for this in helping you to find out what your triggers are. Yes, it would help in using other modalities to help you not stress but unless you know where this all came from, it's like sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

  • You just described me! I've had anxiety for years but it got really bad about 5 years ago. This is when the exact samething you described started. I have absolutely no patience these days and a very short fuse.

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