Recurring depression phases

Most days I feel anxious, as a lot of you already know from reading my past posts. I have periods of VERY strong depression.When I get in this depression mindset I start thinking that I have absolutely no one and just all alone. I will break down into a crying spell for a while. I have a lot of trouble with making new friends because of these issues that I've been dealing with. People do generally like me, but I feel like i do not allow new relationships to form. I am seeing a therapist right now twice a week and he is wonderful. This is going to take a long while to get better. ITs very stressful because all of these people my age have all of those friends and here I am feeling friendless..


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  • Hi Katie, I understand. It must be so difficult when you are young. I'm sure you are a very nice person and could have many friends but the anxiety and depression stop you from getting too close with people. Therapy is good but like you said, takes a long time to get better. I'm sorry you suffer from depression as well. I kind of think deep down, I do too, because of all the crying I do. Sometimes the release is good for my scared feelings but most of the time it makes me feel so unworthy of ever being normal again. I've lost the few friends I had because they just didn't understand my anxiety and agoraphobia. I am sad and feel lonely but am older and feel this is the road my life took. I hope you find some solace in therapy and that this period of depression lifts soon. Anxiety is more than enough to deal with. Sending you a hug xx

  • Have you tried joining an online friendship based community? They were a lifeline for me when I was isolated and housebound a few years ago. The sort where you can have a laugh as well as discuss your issues. I know how lonely being unwell can leave you.


  • No I actually have not! Do you recommend anything ? Thank you for letting me know!

  • I poured out a lot of stuff on the experience project , which is based in America and totally anonymous if you want it to be. I'm not sure I can recommend it as I think it has changed I. Recent years and too many weirdos lol but you could take a little peek. I did make some good friends some of whom I'm still in touch with. The other one I used was AllJoinOn. Again I don't know what it's like nowadays as I haven't been on for ages but I've a couple of lasting friendships from there. You could also try googling for sites more suitable for young people. Hope it helps x

  • Don't compare yourself with others...very dangerous to your mental health. Only compare yourself with yourself. Are you doing better than you did yesterday, an hour ago, 5 minutes ago? Good job!

  • I am going through that as well. Have since my 20s. I just lost my Husband October17th and that really brought on full depression panic attacks anxiety through the roof. Physically I'm not well either. As a matter of fact I just went through this today. I woke up this morning really in a great mood and that made me happy. You see it's not to often that I get to be happy so I seize the moment. Around 11am I went back to depression and crying uncontrollably. I know what your going through and a lot of people who do not suffer from these disorders do not understand they think that you can just flip a switch and be happy I can't, don't know about you though. It's very tiresome to worry all the time. Please I hope you feel better soon.

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