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Hi My lovely friends,

Some Members who have been touch with me and know who I am, Others please take some time to read my boring tale in the about me section.

My Occupational health Doctor is insisting me to report my Depression and suicidal attempts to the DVLA as per the guideline. I am just getting along with my life and feel safe with driving and and on no current meds apart from Anti-hypertensives. The guidelines state that I need to stay 3 months until I am all clear.

The reason I am concerned is because I work in the community , to make it complicated , as a medic and very worried about this whatever impact it may cause.

Any advice?? or Experience??

I just love this website and people and would appreciate any advice related to this. I can't stress enough , I love you all and Keep going!!!!

Sammy xxx

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Hi Sammy

So pleased you have made contact , I am really sorry to hear what you have been going through

I have not been in your position , but I was always taught that honesty pays

I appreciate this is your job & part of it may involve driving , but I do think if it was me , I would be honest as if anything else were to happen this could result in something worse

But thats just how I look at it , but you have to do whats right for you , my gut feeling normally doesnt let me down & I go with that when I am not sure what to do

Its lovely to see you back posting & on here , you have been missed :)





Same here Why Why. Im just going along with the flow…Love to hear from you as well. Thanks for all your support! God bless xx


Just because you report to dvla I don't think they automatically lose your license. Is there anywhere you can get advice from. I would have thought certain medication would have had more impact on driving. Take care


Hi holly,Thanks for your reply. I thought the same as you.. Now that I've declared all my hospital admissions,some of them which were suicide attempts,I'm worried


Have you throught about getting a second opinion?

What would OT say? assuming that you have access to Occupational Therapy

I reported my depression when I first got my driving licence (not quite before they had driving tests but getting on that way :))

didn't stop me getting a licence but did mean they made me reapply every few years until my GP decided it was ridiculous and I wasn't a danger to anyone and told them where to go ... which only goes to show that doctors can sometimes be useful :)


Hi Gambit,thats a good suggestion. I have an OT who is my case manager from the MH team and shall ask her too.Thanks


Just to update everyone.I did send my medical declaration form to the DVLA and received no response. I guess this is a good sign and im continuing driving with no hassles. Thanks for all your time to read and comment. Keep the work going. You make differences in people lives...q


Sam x


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