Going through phases of obsession... why?

Hi everyone. Just an introduction, I'm a 15 year old girl, I haven't posted on here for about a year. I don't really know what's wrong with me as I'm far too nervous to ask my parents if I can see a therapist, and they have asked me if I want to but I just automatically say no. I have gone through periods of depression and I have pretty bad social anxiety. I have also wondered whether I have OCD because I do show a lot of the symptoms and people in my family do have it. Anyway. So ever since I can remember, I've just gone through these obsessions. They can last anywhere from a month to a year, and I only ever have one at a time. And I don't mean sort of obsessed, I mean obsessed. Like it occupies every waking thought and makes it hard to focus or work because of it, and I can't relate to anyone else who may like the thing I'm into because my level of obsession goes way beyond their liking for it. For a while it was coins- I learned everything I possibly could about every coin I could find information on. Then theatre, then violin, then piano, then sewing, then bears, now YouTubers. And once I'm done with this obsession, if I try to revisit it I feel absolutely nothing, and my friends and family wonder what happened. I have a massive coin collection sitting in my room that hasn't been touched for over a year. And I want to like it again, but I just can't. I don't think this is healthy and I really don't know how to deal with it. Does anyone have any insight/thoughts/suggestion? Thank you so much :)


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  • Honestly doesn't sound like an issue more like phases you are still young I used to be like that as well it fades once you get older and the real world sets in as far as the social anxiety issue therapy could really help it's not bad to need help none of us are perfect I think you will find that will help you out so much ! Best of luck !

  • Thank you!

  • I'm really glad to hear that your parents know. Why is it you automatically say nowhen they ask if you want to see a therapist ? Don't be afraid of accepting help this isn't a battle you can fight alone. A therapist can advise you and help equip you with the tools to fight this wretched battle and win it. You are so young (not in a your a little kid way) in a purely you are still a teenager and left untreated this can continue for years. Fight this now and please accept the help of you still can't bring yourself to accept the help keep posting and talking to us and your parents xx

  • Honestly it's just an automatic reaction, like my brain is telling me, "no, of course you don't need help, you're just making this up for attention", etc. My parents know I'm not always okay (they see me having panic attacks and stuff like that), I will try to ask them if I can see a therapist next time. Thank you so much for your reply xx

  • You aren't mAking this up. Our fears and irrational thoughts can 've so easily dismissed by others because they are usually things that don't need a second thought let alone to have registered in our heads in the first place BUT to us they are very real which is what makes them so hard to shift out. Someone once said to me when I was deep in thought about something whatever it is, it doesn't pay enough rent to live in your head.

    It's soooo true but still doesn't make it any easier to evict the thoughts and feelings.

    Please do try really hard to think about giving therapy a chance. It's given so many people such a better life. You will have exams etc coming up soon I imagine you don't need to be distracted by all this during that time.

    Have you seen what CBT is? X

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