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Hi I suffer with anxiety and for the last few days I've been feeling down because my anxiety has been getting to me as lately I've been feeling very anxious all the time not sure why I am on meds for it and have been for a while but as I said I have been feeling down from it as I like most can't seem to get a break from been anxious all time is that a sign of depression as well I feel like crying to be honest :( I was also wondering if I did a wrong thing yesterday and today I looked on line to see if ppl are suicidal whilst on antidepressants i don't have any thoughts about doing anything like that I was just wondering not sure if was a good idea to do so and it mentioneda black box for children n young adults to age 25 I have been on my meds a while so I think they are working on me I have no idea where it all came from my hubby said it doesn't mean anything and that I was just researching


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  • Hi heather27, depression does often go along with anxiety. Depending on how long you have been on meds, they can eventually stop working. With antianxiety meds, the levels need to be adjusted or stopped and put on something else. As for SSRIs, they also can lose their efficacy where as the body needs a break for a while. It could be what you are going through right now. It would be a good idea to go back to the doctor who prescribed your medication and let him know what is happening. You will be okay.

  • Tbh I think (hopefully ) it's just a bad patch I have had different meds for a bout nearly a year now I was on citropram for months as they worked most at times I have been given es citropram as apparently they have less side affects to citropram.. do u think me looking up the stuff I mentioned in my question type thing any thing I should be worried about?? Thank u for your reply

  • heather, it may just have been that, a bad patch. I am also on Lexapro and have found it to be a good drug both for anxiety and depression. I personally never Google or read the pamphlets that come with the meds. I want to think positively when taking a new drug. Drug companies are required by law to state all the possible ill effects that someone could have in taking the drug. Doesn't necessarily mean it will happen. Try not to worry. Your hubby is right. :)

  • I have not looked at side affects hubby won't let me as my head just goes over all the bad stuff :( what I Google was can you be suitable while on antidepressants for a while I have no idea why

  • heather, you may have googled it because along the way you heard this could happen. Since medication is sometimes used for young children, it is not known if they would be effected differently by the drug. Even at that, I don't think the statistics are high or it would be taken off the market. It is again, just a precaution by the drug companies.

    I wish you well, it sounds like you have a caring and supportive husband. My best to you. x

  • Thank you for your reply n yes he is :)

  • To start I think looking online and reading symptoms and other related materials is something you need to stay away from. You can go down a path that can really make you feel scared and you don't want that. You've been on meds (i dont know for how long) so I dont know if they could have affect on you but I think going to your doctor and talking to them about it is crucial. Also talking to a therapist is a must in my book. They will help you understand the cognitive side of things.

    I read a a lot on here that there are people that are prescribed SSRI's (anti-depressants) for their anxiety and they dont consult a psychiatrist or a therapist. I don't think that is right and quite honestly they should be paired together with a therapist.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from "Dr. Google" and talk to someone that will help you understand it more. You're strong and you know this will pass. God wants you live a great life without fear, anxiety, or depression. Trust in Him and He will guide you through it!

    God Bless


  • Been on diff meds for a bout a year now n I am on my 11th session with my therapist now n see her tomoz thank u for your reply

  • Ask her about CBT. I've been going to therapy for about 3 months now and it really helps to talk to someone about it.

    I know it is easier said than done, but trying to think positively about all of this and seeing the good things in your life is key to getting out of that depression mode. I hope this helps and pray. You never know until you try.



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