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Vitamins and anxiety

So I've been taking vitamin d due to a deficiency and also started taking magnesium and it's strange to explain but I feel like my head doesn't let me worry anymore? It's like things come and go but I can't focus on what I was really concerend/thinking about. I've just sat here worrying that I have some kind of Alzheimers...then I just thought wait a second this is what it should be like, not focusing on every single little thing that pops into your head! It's a strange new feeling that I've not felt for a while! Seems they're doing the trick for now!

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Oh I'm happy for you. I too take Vit D for deficiency but not the magnesium.

Either it's the combination of both or the magnesium. Keep it up.

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What type of magnesium are you taking? is it still working for you?


it actually did work yes. I don't take it any longer though as my anxiety seems to be (80% of the time) manageable. I was taking magnesium citrate...started on 100mg and then 150mg it can upset your tummy though so always start lower. I have to say though I think a mixture of iron, magnesium and vitamin d worked amazing for me. I asked my doctor to do a vitamin d test and I was incredibly low..which can cause anxiety and depression. so ask to have a bloody test to make sure your levels are okay


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