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Scared and Freakn out


Ok so I finally went to get a physical today,I worked in health care for over25 years in Radiology,I used to get physicals every year and then I got hurt at work and was forced to watch TV all day and all of the health commercials got under my skin and gave me "white coat syndrome" (fear of Drs.) So I go and also get a mammogram since they were walkins,so i figure since i am already here why not? Well after I get home,I get a call that they now want to do an ultrasound. An ultrasound? WHY? I had a 3D image,and in less than 3hrs ,there was a reading. Now I am thinking did the Mammographer see something? I am freaking out here. I am going on vacation next week; what the heck..My 1st mammo years ago was scary; had to get additional views; turned out it was dust on the lense .I wish. I am freaking out. Scared; worried

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Hi marsbarr, Breathe dear.. try not to worry about them needing an ultrasound. In most cases it's difficult to get a clear picture on the mammogram if the breasts are dense. Also a mammo can't distinguish if a cyst is solid or fluid filled. This is so common more recently to use to different tests in order to give an accurate result.

Let us know when you are scheduled for the ultrasound, whether before your vacation or after. I wish you well. I support you. xx

marsbarr in reply to Agora1

Agora1,How are you? Thanks I can always count on you to calm me down; you my dear are awesome

Agora1 in reply to marsbarr

We are all behind you in this. You are not alone xx

I am in a unique position to understand you completely.

I worked in hospitals for years, started in Radiology, Nuc Med, up to administration. I went for physicals every year without a thought or care in the world.

Once I left working in a hospital I became unusually fearful of everything medical.

Instead of being confident because I knew my way around that world, I actually "crumbled".

What I do know, is that until you know exactly what they are looking for, assume the best.

We know just enough to scare ourselves silly.

We also know how many times a Radiologist asked us to go back and take another view, and another and another.

Keep us posted. Until then, assume the best.

Why not?

marsbarr in reply to Indigojoe

wow IndigoJoe; thanks; you hit the nail on the head

Hi Margaret. I attended a walk-in mammogram unit in May and two days later got a call to have an ultrasound. They had seen a small mass so I had the ultrasound which was inconclusive so I was told I needed a needle biopsy. I couldn't stop shaking - the anxiety kicked in big time. I was crying and out of control. The nurses were fantastic and I think after they anesthetized my breast they put diazepam or something similar in the needle. Anyway the long and short of it is that I never felt a thing and got my results a week later - a benign lump. Don't make yourself ill with worry. Nine times out of ten - it's benign. Good luck. I am sure you will be fine.

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