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Feeling good about not being alone in this nightmare

I just can't thank everyone so much for taking time out and talking to me about your situation and experiences about this "monster" called anxiety. Especially the worse of the worse... Panic Attacks! I know I can check in here anytime when I need someone to talk to. Don't get me wrong...I have kids and a husband but their usually sleeping when I'm having my attacks. I don't want to bother any of them. They get mad the next day and say why didn't I tell them? I just don't want them to see me having an attack. So far, I haven't had any attacks since the last time I wrote a post. I told my family about this support and they are happy I found it... Hope all is well with everyone and hang in there.. We are all in this together

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It's an interesting fact that with anxiety we really don't want to be alone and yet we don't want others to see us when in the midst of a panic attack. You are fortunate though to have an understanding family. I'm happy that you haven't had any attacks since your last post, just remember we are always here for each other. Wishing you continued success. x


Be strong just as you are now! And know each day is a new day God never dissapoints.

Havr faith and also we are here to help when needed


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