Feeling of being unbalanced?

Does anyone else find they suffer from the feeling of "being drunk when they haven't had any alcohol? I have always suffered with anxiety (now 61 yrs old) but this last year has been very bad with panics which were set off by feeling my balance was affected and also felt bit sicky and very weary. Doc says there are no obvious causes such as ears and because of palpitations did an ECG. My conclusion is my neck as it's always tight and muscles tense. I've had four sessions of osteopathy which I think is helping a bit but iti's a day by day thing and affects my confidence so I don't like going far from home. I don't take any tablets as they have not helped over the last 20 yrs when I've tried them and just make the above feelings much worse. thanks, Stells


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  • Yes, when stressed I occasionally felt as if I was on a ship or the ground was moving......often wonder if it was extreme tension in neck or blood pressure.........best regards...........you are not alone...........stde.

  • Thanks stde - helps to know others have the similar feelings. I found a book by Dr Mosaraf Ali about backs and in the section on necks he includes a whole list of symptoms which he feels are caused by neck tension reducing blood flow to the brain. Hope doing neck exercises and yoga will help. Trust you are better these days. Stels

  • I had a minor whiplash injury some years ago and even now in cold weather or if I lift something wrong I feel my muscles in the back of my neck tense and I go all wonky and off-balance.

  • I have often felt drunk without having had any alcohol. If my back or neck is not in alignment or very tense it can happen. Although I can feel this way without any physical cause. If I am at home I don't stress about it too much just have to be careful I don't bump into things or burn myself on the oven. If I am at work or in public I have to concentrate on staying alert which can be a challenge. Something that helps me cope with it is to remember the feeling will pass. See a dr if you are concerned it could be something more serious

  • Hi Stells, yes, i am going through this at the moment. Horrible........... I have been clumsy too. With the dizziness, my legs turn to jelly too and that can be very daunting. I have been signed off from psychologist now for around 6 months but I made an appointment earlier to go back and see her cos im petrified of getting back on the panic/worry cycle. Hope you feel better soon x x x

  • Yes! Always.... I am always what I call 'wobbly'

    It gets worse when I'm anxious about something but I have to walk pushing a wheelchair or walker, also I find if I have to stand it gets worse, I've put mine down to anxiety and panic, I don't think my neck or back are damaged.

    It's a horrible feeling, just like being on a boat, that's a good description.

  • Thanks everyone. I've been doing lots of research via books and internet this last year as it affected my confidence so much. I found a book by a Dr Ali (Integrated Health Clinic in London). It's a book about backs encouraging us to use self-help and he covers necks suggesting tight neck muscles affect the "primitive" brain by restricting blood fow causing a whole range of symptoms including anxiety, panic, wobbles etc. Worth a read - see page 166!! He recommends yoga poses and cranial osteopathy. Osteo has been a help so far. Also, another book on diets suggests problems with blood sugar levels, especially if one turns to chocs and sweets when anxious - I do! Good luck to everyone. Oh, if you Google "drunk feeling when not" there are loads of hits (mostly USA) of similar sufferers. I really appreciate your support - so good to know one is not alone.

  • I was taken off anxiety meds took for 18 years put back on them. I had sinus surgery I only felt balanced when I had anesthetic in Me. I can't walk without a walker I am only 55

  • Hello Pamela - I do hope your symptoms will improve. Since I last posted I have confirmed via Osteo and Doctor that the off-balance is definitely caused by arthritis in the neck bones and the muscles tensing to compensate, causing interruptions to the blood flow. Bit also affects the diaphragm muscles, so I get a bit breathless. The joys of getting older - I'm 64 now. I was prescribed anxiety tabs for years but didn't take them as they made me feel worse, and I do wish doctors would consider physical causes as well as mental causes. Good luck. This website is so comforting as it's a great help to share experiences. X

  • thank you for what you have written stells. it connects the dots for me. I have arthritis in the neck, get the tension pain and headaches a lot and chest pain/breathlessness.

  • Glad it helped, rainbowcatcher. I find it very comforting to know that other people have similar symptoms and are willing to share their experiences and any remedies. Hope you find some relief.

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