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scared and feeling alone xx


I am new here and for the last 10 months I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks with depression the doctors have given me tablets but im still having bad days is this normal will I have it the rest of my life any help would be appreciated

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Ur not alone and to answer your question no u wont but u need to work on it read a book called at last a life it really helped me changed my life u should excercise if u dont every day it works like a anti depressant if u continue daily oh yea one more thing dont ever give up

Yes its normal and no you don't have to live with it. Not knowing your situation. But your not alone by any means steve

Hi. Firstly everyone on this site knows exactly how you feel and understands all the terrible symptoms you experience. I started with panic attacks aide 26 I am nearly 63 .I have had Panic/Anxiety on and off all those years. I have had two courses of C B T which is fantastic . The thing is we create The Monster we call panic attacks so its US who can stop it. There is so much helpful advise out there. Especially on the web. But!!! The more time you spend with the thought on your mind the more you fuel the Monster that tries to take control. Panic attacks are living Hell but they are Harmless . Looking back The Monster has robbed me of so much of my life. But I am in control now. You have the power to gain control. Do listen to the wonderful caring friends on this site. They will be your biggest army in winning the battle against The Monster. X


I have had anxiety and panic for years and the docs don't seem to want to know, just say take these pills and go away. problem is often it won't go away. Modern life in my opinion is the biggest problem we are running 24/7 and we are not meant to plus we live in a noisy uncaring society today. All you can do is try to occupy yourself, put on relaxing music, do something round the house or try going for a walk to take your mind off it the most important thing is trying not to let life wind up but that's not easy in these days. it's also important to try breathing slowly in a panic attack they may seem bad at the time but you won't die believe me I have had enough of em, try to find whats causing your panic then do all you can to avoid the situation. wishing you well.

worriedgirl21 in reply to Hidden

hi thanks for the reply its the same with me with the doctors they gave some pills and that was it they didn't want to know it took the doctor 3 months before they would believe me or give me anything to help they just said well we all feel like that sometimes music and walking is what helps me a lot so I have been doing that which helps me a little

Hi worriedgirl 21 Like all the other comments the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do is that we do have the ability to control it. Trying to find what it is that works is the elusive bit. Whatever you find enjoyment in is going to be a big key and even in the darkest moments don't give up :o) I have been having panic/anxiety from the age of 9, my 2 older brothers snuck me into see Jaws, and I have had them ever since and I am 48 now. I did have a time, for nearly 1 1/2 years, panic/anxiety free so I live in hope that it will happen again. Good Luck.



Sorry you are feeling anxious and having panic attacks.

You will receive some good advice on here, so please keep posting.

You don't say how long you have been on medication, as they take awhile to get into your system. Try to keep active, exercise really helps, I love to swim, I feel so relaxed afterwards. Try a little meditation, and some deep breathing.

You wont always feel like this, you will manage your symptoms, as we need some adrenalin, which causes the anxiety, to live life to the full, unfortunately some of us experience more anxiety related symptoms.

Wishing you well. Eunice xx

Bless ya my anixrty last every day gets in my head achy feeling shakes all time my mind thinks going mad hace job cope . As job take med fighten get worse tryed xxx hipe soon feel better gd advice on this site x


Hi worriedgirl

Welcome to the site :-)

You have had lots of good advice already from members , I would go back & see my GP & let them know how I was feeling , maybe they might need to look at your meds & change them , it would be worth asking

Keep talking on here it really does help :-)




Hi. as others have said you are definitely not going through this alone. There are so many people just like you suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and included. I am taking Sertraline which has started to help after two months but at first made me worse, felt suicidal and nauseas and crying all the time. I could not think straight and gave up my job, which I loved. So many thoughts and what ifs, shaking, muscle aches etc. Try going for walks to get exercise this burns off excess adrenaline, also keeping mind busy like watching a movie or reading a book helps a little. Also mindfullness, which is sitting still in silence and just letting the thoughts come and watching them in your mind. Don't force it or dwell just watch them. Its not easy I still struggle to stop overthinking and worrying but I know I don't want to live like this forever so am trying everything. CBT may help, didnt for me first time but am waiting for 2nd go. I listen to positive affirmations and relaxation CDs such as Louise Hay and sign up to a website called WWW.TUT.COM it is nice free motivational daily messages from Mike Dooley which are good. Also a book called "Evolving self confidence, anxiety recovery" by Terry Dixon is good and explains things. I hope things get better but remember you are not alone. Hugs..Emma (aka Wildmage).

Your def not alone, anxiety is messing with my life, I worry about things 6 months away and that may not even happen, I worry that much that I can't enjoy exciting things that happen, it does get better I've been told and I have my good days and bad days xx

look on google for ashfield hidden illness support group hun

Hiya, sometimes I i'd been able to identify the causes of my anxiety 10 years ago when all of root of it all began...if you can do that now, it will be easier to deal with..please don't leave it...whatever methods you use, always aim at the long term, which will help you overcome it..long term things will include exercise, mindfulness, meditation, generally living a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. We all go through phases in life, wish yours is only a temporary phase, good luck.

hey everyone thanks for all the replies they have really helped me believe I can beat this and its nice just to know there are people out there because other then my doctor no one else knows about it which is why I feel so alone at the moment


Hi how are you feeling now. I replied earlier and would like to add if it helps you as it does me. Try relaxing music such as panpipes or any relaxing CD, there are 1,000's to choose from just lay down lights low and listen, you could try incense oils or sticks but don't use them in the bedroom for safety reasons. light your room with candles and think of lovely beaches. you can do it believe me. your not alone in this as you can see you got 15 replies. that's something. best wishes.. .

worriedgirl21 in reply to Hidden

Hey rogerbear in feeling a little better then i was music helps a lot with me i will try relaxing music as i never have before thanks for the advice

Dear Worriedgirl21,

Welcome to this community. It is a lovely and supportive site.

warmest regards,

Marcus xx

If you know someone who can recommend you to a license skilled Christian therapist (they use secular material as well), I think you would receive ways to prevent panic attacks. Most of what we are afraid of or worry about is unfounded. Everyone is imperfect. Praying for you worried girl.

One step at a time with help and support and understanding from others (us, for sure).

One of the most important things is that you begin believing in yourself, you.

Is there a support group with whom you could affiliate? Or a person with whom you are particularly close whom you could share your thoughts with ?

These are some of the first things you can start on. Be sure that you follow instructions on taking your medications to the letter, not altering them on your own.

Please write back to us on how you are doing. We are VERY interested in helping

you. Don't give up before you have even begun, OK .? ( - ;>

Write back to us on this site no later than one week from now, and sooner if you feel the need. That's a kind hearted order !

Hugs from -


In Minneapolis

Yes I think that still having bad days are normal but I would say should be inconsistent with the good days, if they seem frequent then have another chat with your gp and it might be that you need to try something else along the meds line. A lot is a trail to see how your body copes with the medications prescribed.

You need a further CBT treatment which is a talking therapy that will find out the solution all together with the therapist. What are you scared for? and what feeling came up when you feel alone?

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