Think I'm becoming schizophrenic again

Hi everyone. I made a post on here a couple of weeks ago about my battle with depression and how I met a psychiatrist and she said I was okay. She asked me if I was hearing voices and I said no. I went through about a week of thinking I was hearing voices when it was actually all inner speech. Fine. I'm a massive cybercondriac and I realised that I am a massive risk of developing schizophrenia as I was born prematurely and have strabismus.

Also I have been having trouble getting my words out of my mouth over the past few days. I do have a history of stammering, but I rarely do, and it only ever happens when I am very anxious and I haven't been put in a situation that triggered my anxiety recently.

I haven't been sleeping normally as well, as I have been up some nights worrying about developing schizophrenia. I have also been woken up by sounds that didn't exist when I have been falling asleep and have been seeing faces that aren't there when falling asleep.

I have no family history of schizophrenia or mental illness.

I'm 19 if it helps


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  • Throw away I find your post interesting you are labeling your self as a hypercondriac if worrying about your health is hypercondriac then half the people out.there.would have it.! It sounds like your phyciatrist is trying to get to the bottom of what's triggering your problems ! Try going back to them and ask them to explain what they can do to help you if you don't get the answers you need try another doctor ! Getting your sleeping under control would help you a lot a lack of sleep has been showing to affect someone with mental health issues ! I hope things get better soon take care

  • My psychiatrist said I was fine. The schizophrenic like symptoms have only been happening since I've seen my psychiatrist.

  • Do you actually like your name? I don't think of you as a throwaway person, so it follows that I don't like your name used on a real person with feelings and thoughts. Will you ever consider graduating out of this name?

  • Of course I like my name! I'm just using the throwaway to protect my identity.

  • Hi Throwaway4532, I see where you are coming from with your self diagnosis and that is "Massive Cybercondriac". I was not familiar with that terminology but while reading your post I was telling myself that this sounded like someone who had done extensive research on Schizo.

    The problem with doing that is we tend to pick out all the things that pertain to us without taking into consideration the facts that contradict the disorder. Most patients are diagnosed by their psychiatrist because they do not realize that anything is wrong. They live in reality when by all means it's their own world. The chances of you knowing you are Schizoid are nil until you would be put on medication for it. I hope that you will reconsider your psychiatrist's professional advice in that you are okay. It will certainly cut down a lot of anxiety and worry. My best to you.

  • I was about to reply yet see little point in making any kind of comment when I read your reply. I agree absolutely with everything you say. Psychiatrists do tend to work from the top down, so to speak. In their minds they are assessing all aspects of your behaviour in the consultation, making decisions, re-evaluating those decisions, diagnosing something then changing their mind about that......the process is endless. And when you find someone who actually listens to you without the assumption you are crazy to begin with, there is a kind of emotional overdrive and you cannot wait until your next appointment. There is an element of auto-suggestion there which may or may not be profoundly mistaken. Thanks a lot.


  • I think it's just intense anxiety your having and are putting to much thought into into it and it's making it feel real. My anxiety makes me think Im skitzo,dying, having a heartattack/brain aneurysm etc...

  • Exactly !!! You wouldn't be that aware being skitzo

  • You're very right...that's a good way of putting it. Or saying it lol :)

  • Yea anxiety is a hell of a thought process. We all feel crazy and we're just tricked into feeling so. It'll pass eventually!!!!

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