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The road back from hell

Hi eve thanks for your blogs ... so inspirational and your story so much mirrored the way i was when i was at my lowest point last october!....i really felt there was no point going on but i believe depressed people have so much strength and we know deep down that there will eventually be light at the end of the tunnel... that's what keeps us going and each episode makes us more determined to be stronger...... i have come to accept i will have this 'illness' for the rest of my life so have to find different ways of coping and doing whatever helps. I find this site inspirational even though i have not blogged in a long while. Reading about other people's struggles makes me feel humble and that maybe i don't have as many issues as some others on here..... but we all know that when you are severely depressed you feel that you are the only one in the world feeling this way. I have just had an extended holiday and my depression has lifted but i know i cannot become complacent again as the black dog can come crawing back on it;s belly at any time snapping at your heels so hope everyone is feeling ok and on not so good days i can come back to this site for inspiration....

big hugs to everyone especially whywhy and rose xxxxxx

sue x

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Hi ruby

Lovely to hear from you :-)

eve's blogs were good , its brilliant that you reading them has brought you on to say hello

Sounds great you holiday & I am so pleased you enjoyed it

You are right , I do feel this is an illness , but we are stronger than what we think & when we find what works for us this will get better , but like you say we cant be complacent

Of course I hope you will not just come back on any not so good days , but keep saying hello when you have time , as you have been missed & its lovely to hear from you

Hugs back





Hi Why thanks for your reply and i have to say that although i have not blogged for a while i still read others .Even while on holiday i got on line to read the blogs and hope that i will blog when feeling ok as well as when i'm down.

hugs n stuff

Ruby (sue) xxxx


Morning ruby(sue)

I was so nervous at putting my blogs on but I'm so glad I overcame this and put them on. They really seem to have given people a lift. You are right it can raise its ugly head at any time but I know it's an illness and it will be with me lurking in the background, the trick is not to be afraid of it. I have always run from it and fought too hard so i am learning to accept it. I'm so much stronger for coming through the last few months.

It's lovely that reading my blogs have brought you back on here. I'm glad your holiday gave you a boost and that your depression has lifted you are doing great.. Be proud

I hope you stay well. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are love eve x


Hi Ruby

Lovely to hear from you! :) Great that you've had a good extended holiday and are feeling better. Yeah, some of the blogs on here are brilliant - it's about people understanding what we're going through/been through and not judging. You're right, i think people with depression/anxiety issues are terribly brave - reminds me of what Ginger Rogers said, that she did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels! :-D We do most of what "normal" people do, but with the added burden of anxiety and/or depression - so we should give ourslves a pat on the back occasionally!

Welcome back, and keep blogging, hun!

Lots of love




Hi Rose ... thanks for your reply and as i have just said to WhyWhy i will keep on blogging on good or bad days as it's so good to know there are many others out there with problems and there are always people who seem to have bigger problems than me. Keep up the good work Rose and more power to your elbow! pas i have been planting out my own garden today .... obviously not on such a large scale as yours!

Hugs n stuff xxxxxx

Ruby (sue)


I'm glad things are better right now. Try not to think about when the depression will come back so that you can live and enjoy and treasure what you can in the times you feel stable.


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