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One minute I'm fine, the next I'm doomed!

Does anybody else have terrible mood swings? One minute I can be really optimistic and ambitious, the next I'm thinking the world is an awful place and I'm doomed!

I wrote a really ambitious and positive blog yesterday, today I am the exact opposite. I haven't heard back from College regarding my application form and I have a terrible feeling they have discarded it and aren't planning on giving me a place! I've emailed lots of staff and had nothing back, I'm so paranoid thinking that they hate me and are ignoring me! Oh my gosh, such anxiety and paranoia over this it's unreal. I feel quite agitated and frustrated too, can't get my head around anything and I'm hungry but don't want to eat, so that's doing my head in too!

Why can't I keep the same positive mood for longer than 5 minutes, it's driving me wappy. I just want to be normal and succeed without being so paranoid and anxious all the time. :-(

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Hi muffin

Yes I can be like that to

I think even people without anxiety , have up & down days & maybe we give ourselves a bad time , where others just go with it

You are you & that's our muffin ;-)



Hello Muffin

This is old grog with his serious head on.I really do love reading your blogs as they are so interesting and well composed.There is a fifty year difference in our ages and so it is not very often that I can make a contribution.

However mood swings yes I can relate to..My doctor has put it down to trauma or PTSD.Have you had anything happen to you that has caused you great upset or distress lately?

Since I had my heart operation in April I can sometimes swing between very calm and then all of a sudden I will become agitated and aggressive for no real reason.Unfortunately it is always your nearest and dearest that suffer and often I am disgusted with my own behaviour.

Hope this helps and the best of luck with college



Wow I am just like that I tell my self my life plan and then the next minute I'm like why are we all here and putting my self down and then get miserable out off nowhere anxiety is horrible I've never hated something as much in all my life especially the physical symptoms Jesus where do they come from hope you get better!x


Hi muffin lady. Goodness me don't want to be patronizing but look at the great positive change in you... do you even know how far you have come. of course I don't know you personnal but having read your blogs ....maturity rock...


Hope you feel better soon.

It's understandable about getting mood swings mine can be quite extreme. I wish I could provide you will my fairy flip floppy wisdomness, howbeit, I have just got back on the most amazing yet saddest prom nights so I'm feeling exhausted and lowsy. I also had 1 or 2 drinks and I'm a bit of a lightweight still so I'm not completely clear.

But if I wake up tomorrow hopefully you'll recieve one of my classic fairy replies. That is - full of mistakes but tries to be helpful.

So it looks like grog and whywhy really are back. I hope they feel they have made the right decision, I'm happy to have them back with us.

Snoozy, floppy (((hugs))).

Fairy xxxx


don't forget Bertty to ;-)

I think we do feel we have made the right decision , joint effort , glad you are pleased to see us & hope you have been keeping well





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